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Accurx Desktop
Accurx Desktop

For those using the Accurx toolbar connected to a medical record system such as EMIS, SystmOne or Vision.

What to do when you see "Looks like we’re having trouble talking to our server. This could be caused by anti-virus. Please contact Accurx support"
A new user hasn't appeared in my list of people to approve
How to change the Default Browser on your computer
I can't access video consultation, COVID-19 Florey, document attachment, or patient response options
Accurx Desktop is not on my PC
The Accurx desktop icon is missing
Nothing happens when I click on the desktop icon
Accurx Desktop won't connect to SystmOne
Accurx Desktop says "We couldn't connect to SystmOne. Please unblock Accurx in SystmOne"
Accurx Desktop toolbar is red and says "You need to activate yourself in EMAS" or "Couldn't connect to EMIS Web"
Accurx Desktop is stuck on "Loading" or "EMIS is loading"
The wrong patient is showing on Accurx Desktop (EMIS)
How to use the Accurx utility tool
When installing, I see 'The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable'
When installing it says "the security ID could not be assigned"
When installing it says "The specified path does not exist"
I see 'The procedure entry point ... could not be located in the dynamic link library'
When trying to open Accurx Desktop I see 'Accurx.Host has stopped working'
Problems saving to EMIS Web record
I haven't received my password reset email
I haven't received my verification email
My verify link expired
Web page says "Connection reset by peer"
What do the limit notifications mean in Accurx Desktop?
How do I change my date or time settings?
How to reduce the size of an attachment
What to do if you don't have the toolbar or it doesn't look right
SNOMED Code Updates
Accurx Desktop Setup FAQs