Accurx for patients

What to do if you have received an Accurx message from a healthcare professional

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Accurx Desktop: Setting up and troubleshooting

How to get set up with the Accurx toolbar including user management, sending and managing messages

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Accurx Plus

Information on pricing: which modules are free and which are chargeable as part of Accurx Plus

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Accurx Plus Resource Centre

User guides for each of the products available to purchase as part of Accurx Plus including how to get started, video demos, tips & tricks and FAQs

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Accurx Booking Module

This section contains information about Accubook and Self Book

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Accurx Floreys

Learn more about Florey, our patient questionnaire feature.

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Accurx Plus: Appointment Reminders

All about Accurx Appointment Reminders including Post-Appointment Messages

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Accurx Plus: Batch Messaging

Guides and help articles on how our Batch Messaging product works

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Accurx Plus: Patient Triage

More info on our online consultation solution

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Accumail: Communicating with colleagues

This software lets you send emails about patients to other healthcare professionals

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Accurx Web

More info on our web-based product for NHS staff in secondary care, Vision or Microtest practices

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Information Governance and Security

Everything you need to know about IG and data security at Accurx

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Accurx: Extra support

This section contains information about how Accurx operates and provide services to users.

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