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Accurx & Pharmacies: Getting the most out of Accurx at your pharmacy
Accurx & Pharmacies: Getting the most out of Accurx at your pharmacy

This article provides an overview of the features you can use in community pharmacies.

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What is Accurx?

Accurx is a free platform where patients and healthcare professionals communicate. Our software connects people across the system to make patients healthier and NHS staff happier. You can use Accurx anywhere to communicate easily with patients and other clinicians in your trust or across the NHS (98% of GP practices currently use our software) – connecting you across services for fast and simple care coordination.

Accurx allows you to easily text your patients, message GPs and much more, all from your desktop or mobile. Accurx is a free web-based service, so you don’t need to install or download any software and patients don’t need to download an app (you send a video call link via SMS).

Click here to get started today. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up with your NHS email address using single sign-on, so you don’t need to remember another password 🎉

How can Accurx help community pharmacies?

📱 Messaging your patients

Accurx Web allows you to easily text your patients and allows patients to respond to your message with replies coming back to your organisation's inbox. You'd just need to search by the patient's NHS number and Date of birth or by name and demographics. You can also save time by creating custom templates for yourself and your organisation to use.

Suggested Use 💡 Any ad hoc messaging to a patient, eg "Your prescription is ready", "Item owed is ready", or "Please contact us" can be done in a simple text message.

For guidance on this see the articles below:

🔦 Questionnaires are coming soon!! You can sign up for the waiting list with this link here

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Patient Lists

Patient lists help you save patient searches in a list, without having to search for these patients each time as you can now easily upload multiple patient details to your list.

Suggested Use 💡 This feature can be used to keep a list of patients you are providing services to e.g. Pharmacy First, BP check service, new medicines service or frequently contacted patients.

For guidance on this see the articles below:

📹 Video Consultations

You can use Accurx Web to do video consultations with patients.

Suggested Use 💡 You could use this to provide remote consultations for Pharmacy First, new medicines services and private services.

For guidance on this see the articles below:

🏥 Messaging GPs

Message GP practice is a feature of Accurx Web that allows you to send messages about a patient directly to their GP practice without having to look up any contact details. Message GP practice will only be available if it has been enabled for the patient's GP practice. If you're unsure if this is enabled for your pharmacy, drop us a message using the blue icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

Suggested Use 💡 Any query for a GP practice e.g. “item out of stock”, or “prescription query” or to send clinical information that should be saved to record e.g. BP/ABPM readings. There are already templates you can use for Out of Stock medications and Blood Pressure Check Services 😊

To see how this has been used in South Yorkshire to send blood pressure readings to GPs see our case study here.

📄 Record View

With Record View, you can request and instantly view an organised summary of a patient’s GP medical record from Accurx Web with the patient's explicit permission.

Suggested Use 💡 This can be used to request access to see patients' previous medications, allergies and healthcare history. This is useful for independent prescribers and NHSE programs such as IP Pathfinder.

For more guidance on using Accurx web, have a look at our full dedicated resource centre here. We also have a dedicated playlist for this on our Youtube channel here.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at or book a 15-minute call with one of our specialists with this link.

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