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Accurx Web: How to upload multiple patients to your list?
Accurx Web: How to upload multiple patients to your list?
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You can now easily upload multiple patient details to your list without having to type their NHS number and DoB every time!

All you'll need is a CSV file with two columns named "NHS number" and "date of birth". For the date, you can use most formats including 24/01/1933 or 1933-01-24. You can do this in most spreadsheet software, i.e. excel but you will need to choose to export or save your file as a CSV. The file should look something like myupload.csv and inside similar to this πŸ‘‡

Let's start! ✨

1. Log in and open a list by either clicking on "View list" or click on "Create a new list +" (Read more on How to create lists?)

2. Click on "Upload CSV file", which will open a window where you can select your file with patient's NHS number and DoB

That's it! While it's uploading you will see this screen πŸ‘‡

And once it's fully uploaded you'll see a confirmation similar to this πŸ‘‡

❓ I've received an error saying it can't add the patients?

Some errors you might see: If we cannot add your patients we will tell let you know along with the reason. It will look something like this.

❓ How can I resolve these errors?

If you've received...

  • Invalid Date of birth - this means the format in the CSV is not accepted. Please change to one of the following 24/06/1933 or 1933-06-24

  • Patient not found - this means we cannot match the date of birth and NHS number to a patient on PDS and therefore have not added them. Check that the details are correct.

  • Invalid NHS number (not shown above) - this means the NHS number does meet the expected format, it might have too many characters, etc. Please check your CSV.

  • X patients are already in the list - these patients are already in the list and we will not add them again

For any questions or help start a live chat with us by clicking on the message icon on the bottom right of this window πŸ‘‰

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