You can now easily upload multiple patient details to your list without having to type their NHS number and DoB every time!

All you'll need is a CSV file with two columns named "NHS number" and "date of birth". For the date, you can use most formats including 24/01/1933 or 1933-01-24. You can do this in most spreadsheet software, i.e. excel but you will need to choose to export or save your file as a CSV. The file should look something like myupload.csv and inside similar to this 👇

Let's start! ✨

1. Log in and open a list by either clicking on "View list" or click on "Create a new list +" (Read more on How to create lists?)

2. Click on "Upload CSV file", which will open a window where you can select your file with patient's NHS number and DoB

That's it! While it's uploading you will see this screen 👇

And once it's fully uploaded you'll see a confirmation similar to this 👇

❓ I've received an error saying it can't add the patients?

Some errors you might see: If we cannot add your patients we will tell let you know along with the reason. It will look something like this.

❓ How can I resolve these errors?

If you've received...

  • Invalid Date of birth - this means the format in the CSV is not accepted. Please change to one of the following 24/06/1933 or 1933-06-24

  • Patient not found - this means we cannot match the date of birth and NHS number to a patient on PDS and therefore have not added them. Check that the details are correct.

  • Invalid NHS number (not shown above) - this means the NHS number does meet the expected format, it might have too many characters, etc. Please check your CSV.

  • X patients are already in the list - these patients are already in the list and we will not add them again

For any questions or help start a live chat with us by clicking on the message icon on the bottom right of this window 👉

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