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Accurx Desktop: How to get started with the toolbar

A basic guide to using the Accurx Desktop toolbar for EMIS/SystmOne/Vision GP organisations.

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To use Accurx Desktop, you'll need your toolbar to look similar to the one below:

(If you don't have the toolbar, or it looks different from the one below, take a look at this article first!)
You can choose to have the toolbar anywhere on your screen. You can pick up the toolbar and move it by clicking the 3 white vertical dots on the far left and dragging the toolbar wherever you want it.

We've built the Accurx Desktop toolbar to be fairly simple and intuitive. Most users can train themselves by trying it out with a test patient (e.g. Mickey Mouse) in EMIS/SystmOne/Vision and using their own mobile number.

This article gives a general overview of what each part of the Accurx Desktop toolbar does.

Using Accurx Desktop to text patients πŸ’¬

If you select a patient in EMIS/SystmOne/Vision and click on this message icon in the middle of the toolbar...

You should then see a window appear that looks similar to this:

The patient's name, NHS number, date of birth, and gender are pulled through from EMIS/SystmOne along the top of the window. You can also see the patient's consent status and mobile number.

(Note: If you are testing Accurx Desktop, you can change the mobile number in the toolbar to your own, it won't change in EMIS/SystmOne/Vision. 😊)

You can now use the features labelled above to...

1. Send a text message/email

2. Get a response or a photo from a patient

This article explains how to enable patient responses. This includes getting photos from patients! πŸ“Έ

3. Attach documents and NHS.UK advice to texts

  • You can add NHS.UK advice links when sending SMS messages to your patients. There's no need to copy and paste advice links from NHS.UK! With this feature, you can add advice links to your texts just by searching a keyword in this box.

4 a. Use a pre-written text message

Click in the 'Search for a template or questionnaire' field and then click the 'All Templates' box underneath. This will open up the Accurx library of templates that you can browse or search in. Clicking on one of the templates will automatically pull through a pre-written message to the patient.

4 b. Schedule a text message

If you click again in the 'Search for a template or questionnaire' field and then click the 'Pathways' box underneath, you'll be able to select and schedule a series of messages for the patient to be sent at a future date.

Learn more about how to use Pathways here.

4 c. Send a questionnaire to a patient

For sending questionnaires you will need to select the 'Florey Questionnaires' box highlighted above ☝️, you'll be able to send mobile-friendly questionnaires to your patients and gather structured responses from them.

Using Accurx Desktop to do Video Consultations πŸ“Ή

Video consultations with Accurx work through sending a unique invite link to a patient via text or email. Clinicians can then join the video call on their phone or on their desktop computer.

Learn more about how to use video consultations here.

Managing your responses πŸ“₯

You can view your responses to messages (such as patients responding to your messages with text or photos, Florey questionnaire responses, and failed delivery receipts) via the Accurx Desktop Inbox. You can access this from your Accurx Desktop toolbar via the "Inbox" icon.

Learn more about how to manage responses here.

Managing your Accurx Desktop account βš™οΈ

On the toolbar, the white circle on the far right with the initials in it is the "menu icon".

If you click on the menu icon, a drop-down menu will appear with different options. Using this menu you can do things such as:

Where to find more help? 😊

You can also chat with one of the Accurx team on our live chat if you have any questions or need any help. Just click the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. πŸ‘‰

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