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Accurx & Pharmacies: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Accurx & Pharmacies: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This article has some of our frequently asked questions from pharmacies about Accurx

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๐Ÿ’ฌ What do we do at Accurx?

Accurx is a free platform where patients and healthcare professionals communicate. Our software connects people across the system to make NHS professionals happier and patients healthier. You can use Accurx anywhere to communicate easily with patients and other clinicians in your trust or across the NHS (98% of GP practices currently use our software) โ€“ connecting you across services for fast and simple care coordination.

Accurx Web allows you to easily text your patients, message GPs and much more, all from either your desktop or mobile. Accurx Web is a free web-based service, so you donโ€™t need to install or download any software and patients donโ€™t need to download an app (you send a video call link via SMS). For an overview of all the features we have available for your pharmacy, take a look at this article here.

This link takes you to the signup page to get started. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up with your NHS email address using single sign-on, so you donโ€™t need to remember another password ๐ŸŽ‰

๐Ÿค” Frequently asked questions

How much does Accurx cost to use?

The SMS costs for individual messages are free and so is the use of the Message GP, video and questionnaire features

For batch messaging - SMS messages are made up of fragments and, on average, each Accurx message is made up of 2.3 fragments. The price of fragments is determined by our suppliers and one fragment costs ยฃ0.0225p.

I'm a locum pharmacist, how do I use Accurx between multiple pharmacies?

You can use the same account for multiple practices; you just need to log in with your existing details ๐Ÿ˜Š If you're signing up for the first time please use this link here.

Once you're logged in you'll be able to add a new organisation to your account. For this click on the organisation name in the bottom left (as highlighted in the image below) and click join organisation. ๐Ÿ˜€ You'll then be able to switch between organisations by selecting which works best from the drop-down list of organisations.

Can I search for any patient from any surgery?

In short, yes. You'd just need their NHS number and date of birth.

PDS is the Personal Demographics Service, a database owned by NHS Digital. It is the national 'spine' holding patient details including name, address, contact details, date of birth, and NHS Number (known as demographic information), and we use this for our Web product.

Can I use Accurx for Pharmacy First?

Yes, you can use Accurx to support the delivery of Pharmacy First. Our features will save you time, make your workflows more efficient and enable you to provide remote consultations. Below are some use cases for Accurx Web ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Use our patient messaging features to arrange appointments, gather information and send safety advice

  • Communicate efficiently with patients: use message templates, allow patients to reply to messages or send a photo, and use attachments (or links) to send patients information leaflets.

  • Use patient lists to manage/organise your workstream

  • View a detailed summary of a patientโ€™s medical record with their consent

  • Host secure video consultations with one or more patients or carers with no login or app required

  • Use patient questionnaires to identify patients who are eligible for patient services or gather information or photos before the consultation - If you are interested in questionnaires, drop us a message in support

  • Contact GP practices directly through Accurx, without the need for NHSMail. As 98% of GPs already use Accurx, itโ€™s a quick and secure way to communicate when enabled for both primary & secondary care organisations ๐Ÿ˜Š

Can I send bulk text to patients such as Flu and Covid vaccination invitations?

Yes, you can! We're pleased to offer you free access to our batch SMS messaging functionality for 6 months so you can now contact patients quickly at scale. We only ask that you cover the associated SMS Fragment costs.


You can sign up using the Order Form to agree to T&Cs and set up Direct Debit and then we can switch Batch on for you!

We are piloting this feature at the moment to learn more about how it can be used in community pharmacy. Before we start charging for this feature we would give you plenty of notice and the option to opt out.

Can I link Accurx to Pharmoutcomes?

Accurx is a communication platform that can help you deliver services such as Pharmacy First more efficiently. However, as we are not one of the assured suppliers for Pharmacy First you will still need to use a platform such as Pharmoutcomes to complete your Pharmacy First consultation claims.

Can I use my pharmacy email or does it have to be a personal pharmacist's NHS email?

We recommend that where possible each user creates their own Accurx account linked to their own NHS email address, rather than one practice account.

Accurx's features work better with individual accounts and It can also be difficult to support any technical issues where everyone is using the same account.

How can I access the community pharmacy questionnaires?

If you get in touch with us on support using the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen we can enable this for you!

How do I message a GP practice?

Message GP practice is a feature of Accurx Web that allows you to send messages about a patient directly to their GP practice without having to look up any contact details. Message GP practice will only be available if it this is enabled for the patient's GP practice on their end and they haven't opted out, this will also need to be enabled for your organisation.

If you're unsure if this is enabled for your pharmacy or the GP you'd like to contact, drop us a message using the blue icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

Does Accurx integrate with any pharmacy software?

Not at this moment in time. Would you be able to submit this request via our feature request/feedback form here, please? Our product teams look at these responses regularly and your feedback is central in helping us to prioritise our future work. The more detail and context you can provide, the better! ๐Ÿ˜Š

How do I set up my Pharmacy on Accurx and invite colleagues to join?

To get your colleagues onboarded and added to the same organisation as you, they can join using this link:

Once your colleague has signed up you'd need to approve their account. This will allow them to use our collaborative features (seeing each other's messages to patients and GPs). This article shows you how to do this.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. ๐Ÿ‘‰

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