Accurx Batch messaging allows you to send a message to a group of patients in one go.

How do I get full access to Batch messaging for my practice?

Batch messaging is part of our Accurx plus products. Accurx plus is a premium tier of Accurx Desktop. Accurx Plus relies on local funding and you can read more about our premium products and pricing here.

Who can buy Accurx Plus?

Where possible, we seek to work with ICSs, STPs or ICSs to look at funding Accurx Plus on a larger scale because this way, it will be cheaper to purchase.

Where commissioners do not procure, it is possible for smaller organisations (Federations, PCNs, Clusters and practices) to purchase Accurx Plus instead by completing this form.

Learn more about what is included in Accurx Plus here.

Read our FAQs about Accurx plus here.

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