In January 2021, we launched accuRx Plus with a set of new premium (paid) features. We've written a blog post detailing the background of this move and why we're moving in this direction.

What will accuRx Plus include?

  • Patient Triage (online consultations) - available to purchase now
  • Batch messaging and appointment reminders - launching in May 2021
  • An expanded Florey questionnaire suite - launching in Jan 2021
  • Video - chargeable from April 2021
  • SMS Plus (Patient Response, Attaching Documents, Pathways) - chargeable from April 2021

What will the free version include?

  • Individual SMS
  • Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • NHS.UK advice links
  • Free Florey questionnaires (see list here)
  • 20 uses per practice per week for each of Requesting a Patient Response, Attaching a Document and Pathways

How much is accuRx Plus?

Please see our article on pricing here.

Will it be possible to purchase individual modules if we don't need everything?

Yes, but modules are discounted when bundled.

Who can buy accuRx Plus?

Where possible, we seek to work with CCGs, STPs or ICSs to look at funding accuRx Plus on a larger scale because this way, it will be cheaper to purchase.

Where commissioners do not procure, it is possible for smaller organisations (Federations, PCNs, Clusters and practices) to purchase accuRx Plus instead. Please be assured that we are speaking to commissioners in every area of the UK and we will try our utmost to make accuRx Plus available to as many practices as possible!

What features are brand new?

We are excited to be launching batch or 'bulk' messaging as this is our most requested feature over time. We will also be launching appointment reminders, and have significantly expanded our Florey questionnaire suite, as well as rolling out Patient Triage, our online consultation solution.

Can I try out any features?

We are offering a 6 month free trial of our online consultation solution, Patient Triage. You can register your interest by completing this form.

We're also currently testing and researching our batch messaging and appointment reminder solutions. Please get in touch with us via our live chat if you'd be interested in testing these!

What will happen to Requesting a Patient Response, Attaching a Document and Pathways?

These features will each be restricted to 20 uses per practice per week from 31st March 2021 unless the SMS Plus module is purchased.

The last thing we want to do is leave your practice in the lurch. We will be speaking to commissioners in every area of the country and where commissioners cannot procure accuRx Plus, or parts of accuRx Plus, it will be possible for PCNs, Federations, Clusters or practices to buy accuRx Plus.

I've got more questions, how can I get in touch?

If you're an accuRx user, the best way to get in touch with us is always via our live chat in the bottom right corner 👉

If you're a commissioner looking to engage with us on accuRx plus, please email

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