We launched Accurx Plus, our set of paid modules, in April 2021. Since then, we have been continuously iterating our products and building new features. This article should help you understand more about our Accurx Plus offering, how to get started, and address any questions you may have.

What does Accurx Plus include?

Accurx Plus includes five paid modules.

  • SMS Plus; requesting responses from patients and attaching documents

  • Florey Plus; 11 additional questionnaires

  • Batch Messaging and Appointment Reminders; ability to send SMS messages and Florey questionnaires in batch and send reminders for selected appointments

  • Video; conduct video consultations with up to 100 individuals on one call

  • Patient Triage; allow patients to send online requests to your practice that can be triaged in the Accurx inbox

What does Accurx Lite include?

  • Ad-hoc SMS

  • Templates and custom templates

  • NHS.UK advice links

  • Free Florey questionnaires (see list here)

  • Unlimited Pathways (scheduled messages)

  • 20 uses per practice per week for each of Requesting a Patient Response and Attaching a Document

How much is Accurx Plus?

The price of Accurx Plus depends on how many modules you are buying and the size of your population.

The license fees for all products are in the table above and they're dependent on population size. Depending on what population size you're looking at, this would be the total population size x license fee to work out total license fee costs.

If your total list size is between 0 and 14,999, please use the price per patient column on the left and if your total list size is between 15,000 and 90,000, please use the column on the right.

For example, if your population size was 10,000 and you wanted to purchase Florey Plus, this would cost 10,000 * 0.16 = £1,600 for the license fee excluding VAT and SMS costs. The license fee is the annual cost of access to the module. If your population is above 90,000, please get in touch with partnerships@accurx.com to discuss pricing.

Who can purchase Accurx Plus?

Anyone can buy Accurx Plus including practices, PCNs, Federations and ICSs.

If you are a practice, PCN or Federation you can begin the purchasing process by completing this form or get in touch with partnerships@accurx.com

What bundles are available?

We offer a couple of bundled options of our modules, with associated lower prices, which can be seen in the pricing table above.

  • The Messaging Bundle (SMS Plus, Florey Plus, and Batch Messaging & Appointment Reminders).

  • The Full Bundle (all Accurx Plus modules).

If your ICS has already procured one or more of the Accurx plus modules, you can purchase the remaining modules at the practice/PCN-level, with the unbundled pricing.

Can I group together with other practices to get a discount?

Yes! If this is of interest to you, we are happy to facilitate contracting with groups of practices in a similar way to how we work with PCNs, Clusters and Federations. In order to do this, there would need to be one contract that covers the group of practices and this contract would need to be held by a lead practice.

As you can see in the pricing table above, we offer a population-level discount for total list sizes above the 15,000 patient threshold. Therefore, if you join up with additional practices and your total list size is above 15,000, you will pay a lower price per patient.

What are the steps for contracting at the practice/PCN level?

If you wish to purchase Accurx Plus modules, please submit an Order Form here. We will then create a contract for you and send it out to the finance contact you share with us. Once we receive the contract back signed, your module(s) will be switched on on the nearest Tuesday or Friday and you will receive onboarding communications from our Implementation team.

How are SMS costs calculated?

SMS costs are calculated based on fragment usage, where a fragment is 160 characters of text and on average, one Accurx text is made up of 2.3 fragments.

For Accurx Plus orders covering a population of less than 100,000 patient population, SMS costs are 1.85p per fragment if paid via direct debit or 1.95p per fragment without direct debit. For orders covering a population of more than 100,000 patient population, SMS costs are 1.85p per fragment. SMS costs exclude VAT.

What happens if a practice purchases a module and then the ICS purchases that module?

In the instance that a practice contracts for an Accurx Plus module and then their ICS procure that same module at a later date, we will automatically move the payments across to the ICS, if you are set up on monthly payments. If you have paid for the year upfront, we will issue a credit note for the difference.

Are you running any webinars on how to use Accurx Plus modules?

Yes! Please find more information on when these are and how to sign up here.

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions, please email partnerships@accurx.com.

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