Locating your patient responses

These patient responses are the ones to the texts messages that you have ticked the box next to "Allow patient to response once (with text or photo)" before sending the message to the patient.

Looking for a different type of response? Try this guide for Florey questionnaires and this guide for failed text messages.

When a patient replies to these texts, You will get a red notification on your accuRx Desktop toolbar when this response comes in.

You can navigate to the response by clicking the inbox icon on the toolbar, and then clicking on "My Inbox" from the left-hand pane.

Here is an example of what the workflow looks like for receiving a patient response:

How can I make sure that my patient responses aren’t missed?

A member of staff at the practice can be responsible for monitoring the "All folder" for un-actioned conversations. This article explains more...

If I'm away will someone else be able to receive my responses?

There isn't currently a way to deputise your inbox or set up an automatic "out of office" equivalent.

However, If you are away, any other users at the practice will still be able to see replies to your messages in the “All folder". This article explains more...

Taking action on patient replies

How can I archive a response from my Inbox once I have taken action?

Once you have taken care of a response in your Inbox, you can click "Done" to move these messages to the "Done" folder. Find out more on how this works...

How can I assign my response to my colleague?

At the bottom of a response you can change assignment by clicking the assign field. This article explains more...

I’ve lost a patient response, how can I find it?

If you assigned it somewhere and can’t remember where, you can find this in the “All Inbox" (organised chronologically by last action time).

If you remember which patient the response relates to then open the patient in EMIS/S1, click on the inbox icon on the accuRx Desktop toolbar and then click the patient's name under “Current EMIS/SystmOne patient” to see a full view of all accuRx messages relating to a patient.

Need more help understanding how inbox works? Check out our video guides! 📺

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