You can now get an overview of all messages that are currently open in your practice by going to the "All" folder. This is a global inbox that can be used for monitoring messages that come in even if the sender is away that day.

The "All" folder lets you see conversations that are assigned to different individuals/Teams (i.e. these messages "exist" in two places at once - the Team they are assigned to, and the "All" folder).

Note on folder sorting: All open folders are sorted chronologically by most recent action. That's why when you go to the "All" folder, the most recently received message may not be on the top of the list, as someone in your practice may have actioned another message (e.g. assigned it to a colleague, etc.) more recently.

To navigate to it, open the inbox from the inbox icon on the toolbar, and then click on "All" from the left-hand pane.

This will be a combination of things such as patient responses (with text or photos), Florey questionnaire responses, and failed delivery receipts.

We want to put in some filters for this folder, so if you have ideas or suggestions about this, please email

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