You can access your accuRx inbox from the toolbar:

View messages for your whole practice in the "All" folder

You can now get an overview of all messages that are currently open in your practice by going to the "All" folder. This is a global inbox that can be used for monitoring messages that come in even if the sender is away that day. Read more...

Patient responses (with text or photos) come back to the person who sent them

If you send a message with the tick box for "Allow patient to response once (with text or photo)" checked, the response will come back to your "My Inbox." Read more...

Learn more about patient responses here.

Florey questionnaire responses come back to the affiliated condition Team

If you send a Florey questionnaire (such as for asthma, COPD, etc.), the response will come back to the affiliated Team for that condition (e.g. Asthma Team, COPD Team). Read more...

Learn more about Florey questionnaires here.

Failed delivery receipts come back to the "Failed" folder

If an SMS fails to send, it will come back to the "Failed" folder. Read more...

Assign a message to a colleague

You can assign a message to a colleague or another team by selecting their name from the "Assigned to:" list at the bottom of the message. Read more...

When you are done with a message, mark it as "Done" (you can still find this in the "Done" folder)

In order to help keep your inbox clear and uncluttered, you can mark completed items as "Done" within the Inbox. Read more...

Viewing all messages related to a patient

You can see all accuRx messages relating to the patient that is currently open in the medical record by opening the inbox from the inbox icon on the toolbar, and then clicking on the name of the patient under "Current EMIS Web Patient" / "Current SystmOne Patient." Read more...


1) How can I set up a team/create my own teams?

You currently can’t, but we will look at building this in the future.

2) How can I see what teams everyone at my practice are part of and add them or remove them from a team?

You currently can’t, but we will look at building this in the future.

3) What happens when I am away, who will see my response?

All messages for the whole practice can be seen in the “All” Inbox.

4) How can I make sure that patient responses aren’t missed?

A member of staff can be responsible for monitoring the “All” folder for un-actioned conversations.

5) How can I see all previous messages that have been sent to a patient or check a message delivery status for a particular patient?

Open the patient in EMIS/S1, open inbox, click the patient's name under “Current EMIS patient.”

6) I’ve lost a patient response, how can I find it?

If you sent it, the response should come back to you. If you assigned it somewhere and can’t remember where, you can find this in the “All” Inbox (organised chronologically by last action time) OR open the “Current EMIS patient” to see the patients thread.

7) How can I mark something as unread?

You currently can’t. However, a message that has been read by one person in a Team, will still be unread for all other users in that Team.

8) What happens to a notification once something has been marked as "Done"?

The notification will disappear from your inbox as well as anyone else who is in that Team. Read more about notification here.

9) How can I assign someone a response?

At the bottom of a specific conversation you can change assignment by clicking the assign field.

10) How will I know that someone has assigned a chat to me?

You will get a notification on your toolbar (both a pop-up and a fixed red number).

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