This article talks about a feature of our accuRx Chain toolbar for EMIS/S1 GP practices. 

Florey is a tool in accuRx Chain for collecting structured data, helping you secure QOF funding and screen/monitor patients for COVID-19. 

With Florey, you can send a patient a text which contains a survey link, they fill it out, and the responses come back to you in the toolbar. You can save the responses, including relevant SNOMED codes, straight to the record!

We've released the following Floreys:

  1. COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Questionnaire
  2. COVID-19 Triaging Questionnaire
  3. Asthma Questionnaire
  4. COPD Questionnaire-MRC
  5. Flu Vaccine Invite
  6. Alcohol Consumption Questionnaire - AUDIT-C*
  7. BMI Questionnaire*
  8. Smoking Questionnaire*

*available to practices whose CCG agrees to help cover costs of text messages

How do I start using it?

This article has a full step-by-step guide on using it. 

Below is a video showing the overall process for the Asthma Questionnaire.

Can I make my own or edit a Florey?

Currently, the surveys aren't editable and you aren't able to make your own.

You could try using the patient single response feature! 😊 - To do this, you just write a normal text message with some questions and then tick the check box under the Message text box that says "Allow patient to respond once." 

We're also very keen to hear what Florey Surveys you'd find helpful so feel free to start a chat with us and let us know 😁. Just click the green message bubble in the bottom right corner of this page!

I've received a link via text from my GP - what do I do?

If you're a patient at one of the GP practices who use our software, you might have received a link. Please see here for help!

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