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Patient Triage: How to manage patient requests in the Accurx Inbox
Patient Triage: How to manage patient requests in the Accurx Inbox
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This article talks about how to manage your patient requests submitted through Patient Triage, Accurx's online consultation platform.

🌟 If you don't currently have access to Patient Triage, click here to find out more and sign up for a free trial! πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈπŸš‘

What happens when a patient fills out a Patient Triage request?

When a patient fills out a Patient Triage request on your practice website, the patient request will go to the Accurx inbox under the 'To Assign' folder.

You can access Patient Triage requests by clicking on the Inbox icon and selecting the 'To Assign' folder:

All Accurx Desktop users at the practice have access to the 'To Assign' folder in the Accurx Desktop Inbox.

But, only those who have notifications switched on for the 'To Assign' folder will get a notification of new incoming requests.

πŸ€” How do I know who has notifications switched on? Can I change who is notified? There's more on this here!

How do I action these Patient Triage requests in the inbox?

Once you've received a request you can either:

1) Review the information sent by the patient and click 'Save to Record' to save it into EMIS/SystmOne.

2) Reply to the patient, add an internal note, or assign the conversation to the appropriate team or individual (see image below).

Users can see who else at the practice is viewing or replying to a request using our new multi-user collaboration feature πŸ‘‡

Additional actions:

  • If a patient triage request is urgent, you can click on the 'Mark urgent' button to move it to the top of the 'To Assign' list and make it easier to identify.

  • You can send a message back to the patient by clicking "Reply to patient."

  • You can add an internal note that will only be visible internally at your practice by clicking "Add Note."

  • Once the request has been actioned, it can be cleared from the inbox by clicking on the 'Done' button (don't worry - these requests can still be found in the "Done" folder if you need them again!)

Why do some patient triage requests say 'Patient not found'?

For a full explanation of how we verify patient identity, click here.

This is because

(A) the patient has not passed 2-factor authentication (2FA)


(B) the patient's details did not match a patient who is registered at your practice on the Personal Demographic Service (PDS).

A) If we have found a patient who is registered at your practice on PDS, we will suggest a patient for you to match the request to. If you can confirm the request is from the suggested patient then you can confirm the match by clicking the blue 'Confirm' button.

Once you've clicked 'Confirm', you will need to click 'Confirm' again on the final pop-up.

B) If we have not been able to find a patient that is registered at your practice on PDS then you will need to search for the patient to match the request to. To do this:

1) Click on 'Search for patient' which brings up the Accurx Desktop Patient Finder

2) Type in the patient details (such as name or DOB)

4) Click on the correct option to select the patient

5) The selected patient demographic details will preview in yellow in the conversation header (top right in the diagram below) so you can check that it is the correct patient before clicking 'Confirm' (if it is not correct, you can click 'Change').

6) Once you click "Confirm", there is a last pop-up asking you to confirm again

Here are the steps πŸ‘‡

The patient request has been matched to the wrong patient

If a Patient Triage request has been matched to the wrong patient, you can undo the match.

To undo a match, click the three vertical dots next to the 'Mark urgent' button as indicated by the red arrow in the diagram below:

You will then see an option to 'Unmatch patient'. If you click that option, you will be asked to confirm that you want to unmatch the patient from the request.

Once you click confirm, you will then be able to match the request to a different patient. 😊

Monitoring all incoming Patient Triage requests

If you want to get an overview of where patient triage requests are in the Accurx inbox, you can use the 'Patient Triage' filter of the 'All' folder.

To access this filter, click on the inbox icon on the Accurx toolbar and then click 'All' on the left-hand pane. You should then see the 'Patient triage' filter appear.

You can get an overview of the types of requests (medical or admin etc.) and whether the request has been assigned (to a team such as the Doctors/Secretary team or an individual) or if it is still in the 'To assign' folder.

Within this filter, you will see all open patient triage requests (those that have been marked as 'Done' will move to the 'Done' folder).

Got a question? Don't hesitate to start a chat with us by clicking on the round message icon on the bottom right side of the screen. πŸ‘‰

You can also watch our video guides πŸ“Ί on Patient Triage too!

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