In accuRx Desktop, our toolbar that runs alongside EMIS/SystmOne, notifications will appear for 3 different types of responses from patients. The default settings for these notifications are explained below along with how you can change your notification settings.

Please note that all users in the practice will always be able to view all incoming responses into the practice (regardless of who sent the original message to the patient or what setting the user has applied to their Inbox). Inbox settings will only affect how you are notified of new responses of a particular type.

1. One-off patient replies to regular SMS messages:

The type of texts we are talking about here are the ones where you've selected the "allowed patient to respond once (with text or photo)" option.

For replies to these messages, the user who sent out the original message to the patient will always be notified when the patient has responded.

How can I get notified about all patient responses that come into the practice?

If you would like to be notified every time a patient replies to these types of messages sent out by anyone at the practice, then they can click "Notify Me" under the "Patient responses" section of the " All" folder.

If you no longer wish to be notified of all patient replies to these types of messages and only want to be notified about replies to messages that you have sent out, you can click "Mute". The "Mute" button will appear where the "Notify Me" button is once it has been clicked to allow you to quickly revert back to the default settings.

2.  Replies to Florey surveys

Anyone who sends a Florey survey will receive a notification of their response to that survey.

The first time they send a Florey survey, they will also automatically be added to the specific "Team" for that type of Florey. This means they would also start to be notified anytime a Florey response of that particular type comes back to the practice (regardless of who sent out the original invite text to the patient).

For example, the first time a user sends out an Asthma questionnaire and receives a reply, they are automatically added to the "Asthma Team". They will then start receiving notifications anytime patients reply to Asthma questionnaires sent out by anyone at that practice.

How can I stop being notified about Florey replies?

You can opt out of receiving notifications for a particular Florey survey (including any surveys you have sent to patients yourself). To do this, go to the inbox by clicking on the Inbox icon on your toolbar and then click "Leave team" in that particular Florey survey folder. 😊

Note: If you click "Leave team" for a specific Florey, you will no longer be notified about any Florey responses of that type even if its a response to that specific type of Florey that you originally sent to the patient.

How can I turn on notifications for Florey replies?

If you would like to start receiving a notification on your toolbar every time a patient returns a specific type of Florey questionnaire, you can manually switch this on by going into your Inbox, clicking on "Other Teams" and then accessing the specific Florey Team and clicking the "Join team" button.

3. Failed SMS messages

By default, notifications for failed SMS messages will always be received by the person who sent out the original text message.

How can I be notified about all messages that fail to deliver to patients?

If a user or group of users (e.g. receptionists or admins) would like to receive notifications for all failed SMS messages in your practice, those individuals can click '"Notify me" in the Failed folder. 

The notifications in this folder is separated into two categories: 'All' and 'Mine'. To see the notifications for all users in the practice you can toggle on to the 'All' section and to just see your own you can stay in the 'Mine' section.

What happens if I click on a notification, will other users at my practice still be notified?

Simply viewing a patient response/Florey response or a Failed SMS message will not remove the red notification on the toolbar for other users in your practice if they were already set up to receive notifications for that particular type of response. E.g. If you click on a notification and view a response to an asthma questionnaire, any other members of the "Asthma Team" in your practice will still see the little red notification on their toolbar. In order to remove the red notification for other users, the response/failed message, needs to be marked as "Done".

What about patient requests submitted through accuRx online consultation consultation, Patient Triage?

If your practice has got access to Patient Triage, you can find more information on how to manage these patient requests here.

If you have any further questions on how notifications work, please chat with us in the bottom right hand corner. 👉

You can also check out our video guides! 📺

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