In accuRx Chain, our downloaded toolbar that runs alongside EMIS/SystmOne, there are some incoming notifications and messages that you will receive via the toolbar. 

1. Patient replies to SMS messages:

The user who sent the message to the patient will be notified of a patient response.

If it is your message, to review the response, click on the Inbox icon from your toolbar, and navigate to "My Inbox."

Anyone at a practice can review responses by clicking the "All" folder.

2.  Replies to Florey surveys
Whoever sends a Florey survey will receive a notification for their responses, and also be added to the "Team" for that survey, meaning they would also receive responses for anyone else sending the surveys. 

If you want to opt out of receiving notifications for a particular Florey survey (including any surveys you have sent to patients yourself), click "Leave team" in that particular Florey survey folder. 😊

3. Failed SMS messages
By default, notifications for failed SMS messages will go to the sender. If a user or group of users (e.g. receptionists or admins) would like to receive notifications for all failed SMS messages in your practice, those individuals can click '"Notify" in the Failed folder. 

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