Accurx Desktop Inbox: How the inbox works

An overview of the new Accurx Desktop Inbox and how you can use it to manage responses

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You can access your Accurx Desktop Inbox by clicking on this icon on your toolbar:

This is the part of the Accurx Desktop toolbar where different types of responses come into.

3 different types of information come into the Inbox

  1. Any patient responses (including photos πŸ“Έ) to specific text messages. These are replies to those text messages that you've ticked the "Allow patient to response once (with text or photo)" box on.

  2. Any Florey responses such as to the Asthma/COPD/COVID-19 questionnaires.

  3. Any failed delivery receipts for text messages that fail to deliver to the patient's phone.

What about patient requests submitted through Accurx online consultation consultation, Patient Triage? If your organisation has access to Patient Triage, you can find more information on how to manage these patient requests here.

All users will always be able to view any message that is returned to the organisation

You have your "My Inbox" view within the Inbox. This is to help you locate your replies quickly and easily. However, all messages returned to the organisation will be visible to everyone so there's never a chance that your replies will be missed if you are away! πŸ˜€ More on where to locate different types of messages below...

Each user can change their own notification settings

Each of the 3 types of responses above have a default settings for how users at the organisation are notified when a new response comes in of that particular type. The notifications we are referring to here are the notifications which appear as a red circle on your initials on the Accurx Desktop toolbar.

Each user can alter their Accurx Desktop Inbox settings to change how they are notified about new replies to the 3 types of responses above. More on how notifications work here...

Locating responses in the Inbox

View messages for your whole organisation in the "All" folder

You can get an overview of all of the different types of messages that are currently open in your organisation by going to the "All" folder. This is a global inbox that can be used for monitoring messages that come in even if the sender is away that day. Read more...

Patient responses (with text or photo) come back to the person who sent them

If you send a message with the tick box for "Allow patient to response once (with text or photo)" checked, the response will come back to your "My Inbox." Read more...

However, anyone at the organisation can also see your responses of this specific type by using the "Patient responses" filter of the "All" folder.

Florey questionnaire responses come back to the affiliated condition Team

All Florey questionnaire responses (such as for asthma, COPD, etc.) will appear in the associated Team folder for that condition (e.g. Asthma Team, COPD Team). Read more about how teams work...

Failed delivery receipts come back to the "Failed" filter of the "All" folder

If an SMS fails to be delivered to a patient's phone, it will come back to the "Failed" filter of the "All" folder. Read more...

You can see all Accurx messages relating to the patient that are currently open in the medical record by opening the inbox from the inbox icon on the toolbar, and then clicking on the name of the patient under "EMIS Patient" / "SystmOne Patient." Read more...

This view also lets you see all previous messages that have been sent to a patient or check a delivery status for a particular patient's message.

Taking action on responses

Assigning a message to a colleague

You can assign a message in the Inbox to a colleague, to yourself or to another team by selecting their name from the "Assigned to:" list at the bottom of the message. Read more...

When you are done with a message, mark it as "Done" (you can still find this in the "Done" folder)

In order to help keep the inbox clear and uncluttered, you can mark completed items as "Done" within the Inbox. Read more...

Got a question? Don't hesitate to start a chat with us by clicking on the round message icon on the bottom right side of the screen. πŸ‘‰

You can also watch a video guide to help you understand how it works! πŸ“Ί

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