What is it?

It allows you or members of your practice to create your own Florey questionnaires that can be sent via Batch Messaging and individual text messages on Accurx Desktop.

Where to find it?

  1. To locate Custom Floreys go to Manage Organisation > Templates and Florey Questionnaires.

  2. Then click on <Your practice name> Florey'sπŸ‘‡and then Go to Custom Florey Questionnaires.

  3. Following this, you will be on the main Practice Florey Questionnaire page where you can create your own Florey πŸŽ‰

Demo Guide

To watch a step-by-step video on how to make your own Florey Questionnaire please click here to watch a short demo on our πŸ‘‰ YouTube Channel


Can I add more than one question?

You can currently add 15 questions in this version of Custom Floreys.

Should I save it as a draft, or publish it?

We recommend saving it as a draft first and sending it to a test patient so that you can go through the flow and check for any errors before publishing it live to be sent to real patients.

Where do I send it to a test patient?

Once it is saved as a draft you need to open the compose SMS page and you can search for your new Florey in the drop-down list.

Can I assign the Practice Florey Responses to the inbox?

At the moment you can assign the responses to either Florey folders and Teams within the inbox. However, you can't currently assign them back to 'My Inbox'.

If you want a new team created please get in contact with Support either via our Help Centre or email support@accurx.com.

Can I edit a Custom Florey once it's published?

Previously published Custom Floreys can be edited. You can also delete published Floreys.

Can I edit existing Floreys?

Not currently, if you have any feedback on our current Floreys, please do let us know and we can feed this back to the clinical team.

Is there a character limit on the name/question/description/answers?

  • Title: 250 characters

  • Question: 250 characters

  • Description: 1000 characters

  • Answers: 250 characters

Will patients receive reminders for Custom Floreys?

We've made the decision to remove all reminders for the patient to complete Custom Floreys for now - we'll potentially add in optional reminders in the future depending on user feedback.

Is Custom Floreys free?

Custom Floreys is part of the Florey Plus Module. More information about this can be found here - If you're interested in procuring please email partnerships@accurx.com or contact support@accurx.com.

Can I automatically save the responses to the record?

Yes, you can do this in Batch. You just need to tick the box that says 'Save responses to the patient's record automatically' πŸ‘‡

However, we suggest you do not automatically save to the record if the responses contain medical information as these need to be reviewed. For more information on best practice for Custom Floreys please see this article.

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