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Patient Support: My practice has asked me to complete a Florey questionnaire
Patient Support: My practice has asked me to complete a Florey questionnaire
How to access a Florey Survey for patients
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We are Accurx, we provide software that allows your healthcare provider to communicate with you. We process your data under the instructions of your healthcare provider.

You are being asked to complete this questionnaire because your healthcare provider would like to collect some additional information from you.

Why have I been sent a questionnaire?

Your GP might send you a text asking you to complete a few questions via a link. This could be in relation to a review of your Asthma, COPD or COVID symptoms. Or you might be asked to complete a short survey to collect some other data about you (alcohol consumption, BMI, smoking status).

You should be able to click on your unique link in that text and complete the survey using your phone πŸ‘‡ You will require internet access on your phone to do this.

You will be required to put in your date of birth. This is so we can make sure you are the intended recipient of the questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire, select your answer (it will highlight in blue) and click 'Continue'.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be shown the answers you have selected. If you want to change any of your answers, just click 'Back'. Once you are happy with your answers, click 'Submit'.

Once you have submitted your questionnaire, you will see a screen telling you that your submission was successful. You will also receive a text message to confirm this πŸŽ‰

What if my text says something else?

Your text message may ask you to reply back (possibly with a photo) or it might have a document attached or it might ask you to join a video consultation.

If your text isn't a survey and is for something else click here to find the right guide.

Not able to complete the questionnaire on your phone?

If you can't use your phone for any reason, you can still complete the survey on a computer, iPad or tablet. To do this, type your unique link from the text into the URL search bar of your internet browser.

Your unique link will start with and should look something like this:

As shown in the images below, when typing your unique link, please ensure you're not entering this in the search engine (as shown in red crosses). Please ensure you type your link in where the green arrows indicate. πŸ‘‡

Some internet browsers may look slightly different from the two shown above but you should look to type your unique link in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Once you've typed in the correct link and pressed "Enter" on your keyboard, you should see a screen that looks similar to the one below. (Note: the wording may be slightly different depending on what type of questionnaire you've been sent by your GP) πŸ‘‡

You will then be asked for your date of birth in order to verify your identity. Type in your date of birth and then click "Continue". You will then begin the questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire, select your answer (it will highlight in blue) and click 'Continue'.

Once you have answered all of the questions, you will see a summary of your answers. If you would like to change an answer, click "Back". When you are happy with your answers click "Submit" to send your responses to your GP.

Practices are now able to create their own questionnaires⚠️

Practices are now able to create their own custom questionnaires, therefore you might receive some new ones from your practice. Our clinical team do not create these questionnaires, we just build the platform that allows practices to do. If you are struggling with a Florey please do let us know at


As your link is unique to you, this error most likely has shown because the link in the URL search bar doesn't exactly match the unique link in the text message. In this case, please double-check the link your GP sent you in the text and that this matches exactly with the link in the typed URL at the top of the web page.

Hint: Sometimes "o" and "0" can look the same or even "i" and "1"

To make it easier, you can input the characters that come after the / in your text message into the text box on your screen.

We're a software company providing NHS staff with tools to communicate with their patients and colleagues. We're currently used in over 90% of GP practices in the country. 😊

If you've received a text with a link in it, this was sent to you individually by a staff member at a GP practice, the bottom of the text should tell you which practice. Your practice will have sent this to you as they require some information from you, and replying is really helpful as it might save an appointment, phone call or letter for both you and the practice. 😊

What is happening with my data?

Just so you know, we take Data Privacy and Security very seriously here at Accurx, we will never use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. You can learn more about how we keep your data safe here.’

In legal terms, Accurx is the Data Processor, and your GP practice is the Data Controller. What this means is that Accurx doesn't own any of your data and wouldn't pass it on to other companies or use it for other purposes like marketing.

Our security page details the accreditations and NHS digital guidelines that we follow, and links to our Data Processing Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please contact your GP practice for any medical questions. But for anything technical (ie. the link won't open), we're here to help. 😊 Please chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner. πŸ‘‰

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