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Batch Messaging: FAQs

This article helps answer some frequently asked questions about Batch Messaging

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How do batch messages save to record?

All messages are saved to the patient's record in your clinical system.

When sending certain batch Florey questionnaires to patients, you may be shown the option to "Save responses to patient's record automatically". You will only see this option for the following Floreys: BMI Questionnaire, Smoking Questionnaire and Ethnicity Questionnaire.

Are undelivered messages saved to record or just delivered ones?

Failed/undelivered messages are also saved to the record with Batch Messaging because we believe this shows you have made an attempt to contact the patient and we have actioned the sending of that message! We follow the same idea that if a patient was sent a letter and it didn't arrive, there would still be a record of the patient being sent a letter.

Can I make templates for batch messages?

Yes, you can! You can simply do so by using the normal template creator, and ticking "Batch" when done βœ…. This article here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

How many patients can I message at once?

There is no limit to the number of patients you can send a Batch Message to however, large patient lists will take longer to send, we recommend breaking up lists where possible.

Can patients respond to a batch message?

Sadly, at the moment patient response isn't possible in Batch Messaging. However, the Florey Builder enables our users to create their own Florey questionnaires, which can be sent via Batch Messaging to obtain the patients' responses.

Can I schedule when I want my batch messages to be sent?

Yes πŸ•œ. You can do staggered sending over a staggered period of time and you can also schedule messages for future dates and times. This article explains how to use this feature 🀩

If staggering batch messages do we have the option to choose how many patients are messaged per day?

If you are staggering a Batch Message you can choose how many days the sending is staggered over, as long as there is at least 1 patient per day being sent the message. The number of patients messaged per day will just be an even split depending on the number of days.

Why have the messages not been saved to the patient's records?

Saving the message takes about 2 seconds per patient, so if you sent a large batch message, check back later if you haven't seen the messages saved yet πŸ‘€.

Why are my messages still showing as 'sending'?

This status shows there are still some messages where we are waiting for delivery confirmation before we mark the batch message as 'done'. This might only be one or two messages though. If you'd like to see how many have been successful/failed, please click on the 'View details' button to the right of your Batch Message 😊

Can I attach documents to batch messages?

Yes, you can easily attach documents to a Batch Message by clicking the 'Attach file' button under the message box πŸ“Ž. This should be a generic attachment as all patients will receive the same one. The patients will be able to access the attachments via a link and will need to enter their DOB to see them.

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