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Why can't I see the patient requests in my inbox and why wasn't I notified?

  • Make sure you're looking in the 'To Assign' folder in your inbox. This is where you will find the requests from patients using Patient Triage 😊

  • The 'To Assign' folder is solely for Patient Triage Requests

  • If you want to be notified of requests coming through to your practice make sure you have turned on the notifications in the 'To Assign Folder' 👇

What does it mean when it says 'Patient not found'?

  • This means we were unable to match the patient to your practice using 2 Factor Authentification (2FA) or you're using a test patient.

  • When patients submit requests through Patient Triage, they give various pieces of information about themselves. These are their name, date of birth, gender and postcode. These details can be used to search the Patient Demographic Service (PDS)- the NHS database of patients.

    They also enter a contact number. If they provide a mobile number, they are asked whether they have access to the mobile. If they do have access to the mobile, they are sent a code by text which they are then asked to input back into the online form.

  • You can find more information on how 2FA works in this support article here and how you can match the request to a patient from your practice 😊

What messages can I customise with Patient Triage and how can I do this?

  • We know that some of you may have different messages you want to relay to patients so we have made it possible to customise some of the wording with Patient Triage.

  • You can only edit these messages if you're an admin at the practice

  • To customise these messages select your initials > Patient Triage > Settings

  • You can then customise messages patients will see on the following messages

    • Welcome Page - you can edit the message in the welcome page that you see in the yellow box:

    • Confirmation of submission page - this is the message patients see when they have submitted a request.

    • Sent message confirmation - Patients can elect to receive a message when they have submitted a request and you can edit this message.

    • The out of hours message patients will see - if you have turned on out of hours you can edit the message a patient sees 👀

What else can I customise as an admin?

  • By selecting your initials > Patient Triage > Settings you can also customise certain aspects of Patient Triage.

  • You can redirect patients to an existing repeat prescription service and if you click here we have an article that shows you how you can do this 😊

  • You can temporarily disable Patient Triage and this article here shows you how to do this.

How can I be made an admin?

  • To be able to customise messages within Patient Triage you must be an admin.

  • Admins for the practice can make you an admin if you are already approved by following the steps in this article.

Can patients add pictures/documents/attachments to their triage requests?

  • Patients can add up to 4 pictures. We are looking into other types of attachments in the future.

Is there a maximum file size limit for the photos that patients attach?

  • Patients are able to upload 4 photos to their triage form, with a maximum file size of 8 MB per photo.

Are the notes and audit trail of the actions saved in the record as well?

  • No, the notes and audit trail are not saved to the record. However, they are saved in the inbox under that request which can be viewed at any point.

How do we not save the patient's pictures?

  • Once the request has come into the “To Assign” folder, before clicking “Save to Record”, untick the “Save Attachments” box below it, and/or click the bin icon to the right of the photo. This way, photos will not be saved.

If it's an inappropriate picture, how do we get rid of it?

  • Patients are asked to confirm they will not send in any inappropriate or explicit images when they upload their photos. While this is the case, there is still the possibility that patients may send in inappropriate images.

  • Desktop users can delete a photo once it has been received so

    that it is not visible to colleagues viewing the patient’s communication record. However, an audit trail will remain.

  • If you want to remove the photo from the audit trail you have to follow the steps in this article here.

People from outside my practice are submitting requests. How do I contact them?

  • When a patient sends in a request through patient triage they will have to add a contact number.

  • If they are not registered to your practice you won't be able to match them to a patient and reply to them directly from the request.

  • You can either send them an SMS message as a test patient and add their mobile number to let them know they need to speak to their GP. It may be worth creating a practice template that you can easily send to these patients.

  • Or you can call them using the number they have added to their request.

A patient is spamming our practice through Patient Triage, what can I do?

  • We can't stop a patient from sending through a request to your practice, unfortunately.

  • If you are finding a patient is sending through multiple requests you can either contact them directly or send them a message by responding directly to the request within the thread of the request.

  • You can create a practice template to easily send a response to the patient that you are finding is sending through a large number of requests.

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