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Patient Triage: How to manage your Repeat prescription settings
Patient Triage: How to manage your Repeat prescription settings

Customising the repeat prescription option in Patient Triage

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This article talks about Patient Triage, Accurx's online consultation platform.

Note: Only Accurx accounts with Admin status can customise Patient Triage.

How to set up your Repeat prescription service in Patient Triage

If you have a repeat prescriptions service already in place, you can customise Patient Triage so that patients are signposted to the existing service

If a patient is not set up to use the existing service, they will still be able to submit a prescription request through Patient Triage, unless the 'Allow patient to submit a request using Accurx' toggle is on ☝️

(You can find out who the Admin is at your organisation by clicking on your initials icon on the Accurx toolbar and then 'Manage Organisation' and then 'Manage users'.)

Setting up Patient Triage to include your existing service

  1. Click on your initials on your Accurx toolbar and then click 'Manage Organisation' from the drop-down list.

  2. Once the Manage Organisation web page loads, scroll down to the Patient Triage section and click on 'Settings'.

  3. If you scroll down, you will see the option to 'Redirect to an existing service.'

  4. Click the toggle to turn this on πŸ‘‡

  5. Type in the URL address of your existing repeat prescriptions service and the name of the service into the two boxes.

  6. Click the blue 'Save Changes" button to finish!

  7. You can test the link that you have chosen to redirect your patients to as it will appear here πŸ‘‡

Removing Repeat prescriptions as an option

You can now also remove Repeat prescriptions as an option. In order to do this, just...

  1. Switch the 'Show repeat prescription option to patients' toggle off

  2. Click 'Save changes'

What if our organisation has more than one existing repeat prescription service?

As a workaround, we'd suggest having a page on your website that lists all of the existing repeat prescription services that you use.

You can then copy the specific URL address of this page on your website and paste it into the "Alternative service link" field πŸ”—

I've clicked the blue button to update prescription settings but I see "sorry this link is invalid please try again"

Double-check the link that you have entered into the white box. The link must include http:// or https:// at the start. A link that starts "www." will not currently be accepted.

(Tip: visit the website that your repeat prescription service is hosted on in your internet browser and copy the URL address directly from the URL search bar right at the top of the web page. Then, follow steps 1-5 in this article and paste the link into the white box under "Alternative service link")

When patients click on the link, they see "This site can't be reached"

Double check the link that you have set up in step 4 of this article. It may be that the website address for the existing repeat prescription service isn't quite correct.

If you are still having trouble, feel free to chat to us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page πŸ‘‰

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