We've heard from practices that there's concern about not being able to meet the demands of your patient requests due to the risk of becoming overwhelmed, especially during long weekends. The temporary disable feature is designed as a 'last resort' to help limit this patient demand.

Things to consider before Temporarily Disabling Patient Triage:

  • Consider how patients are accessing the link: We have guidance on how to position the link on your website here. We also recommend phased rollout to patients e.g. texting 20-50 year olds to help spread out demand

  • Seek advice on your workflows: Either from other practices through our online community or chat with the accuRx team at support.accurx.com

  • The messaging to patients: consider putting a page on your website to educate patients on the appropriate use of online access, and to help manage their expectations.

  • Out of hours: Switching on 'Out of hours' will help manage patient demand in evenings and weekends without fully restricting access. You can see more details on this here.

How to temporarily disable Patient Triage

  • Click on your initials on the accuRx toolbar > Manage Practice > Patient Triage > Settings

  • Turn on Temporarily disable Patient Triage

  • Set a re-enable date & time (no longer than 4 days from when you switch it on)

  • Provide a reason for disabling

  • Click "Save changes" disable options

Likewise, there is now the option to disable patient triage and still allow for admin requests to be submitted 👇 This article here explains in more detail:

What your patients will see:

  • Patients will be informed that Patient Triage is temporarily unavailable, and shown when the link will be re-enabled

  • Patients will be prompted to use NHS 111 online or to find a local pharmacy or urgent treatment centre

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