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Accurx Desktop: How to create your own message templates

Create and save your own message templates

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Message templates are a great way to save time, and ensure that your messages are as concise and consistent as possible.

How to create a Message Template

1. On your Accurx Desktop click on your initials followed by 'Manage Organisation' πŸ‘‡

2. This will open a web page, here click on 'Templates & Florey questionnaires' πŸ‘‡

3. To view your own templates click 'My Templates' - these are only visible to you and cannot be accessed or edited by anyone else.

4. To view your organisation templates click the tab which has your organisation name e.g. The Accurx Practice Templates - these can be seen and edited by anyone in the organisation.

5. To create a new template click 'Create New Template'.

6. This will open the template creator, where you can give your template a name and write your template message, assign the template to a category, and add a SNOMED code.

If the SNOMED code you would like to add isn't on the dropdown list then please email us at with the numerical code you'd like us to add, and the context you'd use it in, we can forward this request on to our clinical lead who adds new codes every few months πŸ˜ƒ

7. Within this, you can also:

  • Allow patients to respond to your message with text and/or up to 5 photos - tick the box on "Default reply setting" as shown πŸ‘‡

  • Group your templates by selecting an existing category from the dropdown under "Category". You can also select "Add category" to add a new template category.

  • Attach a document

8. Once saved, any changes should appear in your template dropdown list in Accurx Desktop:

Remember when writing your templates, every character counts! See more information on messaging and SMS costs here.

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