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Submitting an online request to your Healthcare organisation
Patient Support: How to submit an online request to your GP Practice
Patient Support: How to submit an online request to your GP Practice

How to submit an online request to your GP Practice

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Who is Accurx?

We are a technology company that provides communications software to healthcare providers across the NHS.

Our online consultation solution is recognized by the NHS and has passed the NHS Digital Capabilities assessment. See the link here for more information.

Getting Started

The Patient Triage solution allows patients to submit either a medical query or an administrative request to their registered GP practice.

Please note! If your medical query is urgent then contact ‘111’ or for a medical emergency contact, ‘999’.

If you want to submit a query to your GP practice you will need to visit their website. A link should be provided that allows you to begin submitting your query. However, if this is not clear then you will need to contact your GP practice.

When selecting the link you will be able to see the name of your practice, the address of the practice, a standard warning message indicating the expected duration for your query to be responded to, and information on what to do if your query is a medical emergency.

Below this information are three choices to select from based on the nature of your query.

“I have an admin query”

Selecting this option will allow you to:

  • Request a doctor's note

  • Request a fit (sick) note

  • Ask questions or get an update on a referral

  • Request your Repeat Prescription

  • Follow-up on Test Results (Blood Test, Scans, etc.)

  • Any other advice or information that is not medically related

“I want help for a medical issue”

Selecting this option will allow you to submit a request to get help regarding a medical issue. You will be asked to provide the following:

  • A description of the medical problem (Option to attach up to 5 photos)

  • Describe how long you have experienced these symptoms or had concerns, as well as whether these symptoms/concerns are better or worse

  • Describe what you are particularly worried about.*

  • How you would like your GP practice to help

  • List times that you are not available to be contacted during GP opening times.*

* = are option fields and do not require you to enter any information if you don’t want/need to.

“I want to see online advice”

This option will signpost you to the NHS website for additional information.

Medical Urgency Check

Following the option you select, you will be asked to confirm whether you are experiencing any of the below symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and acknowledge this you will be signposted to the emergency services.

Personal Details

You will be asked to provide your personal details before submitting your request. Providing this information will allow your GP to match your medical record to the request you have submitted in this form.

If you are submitting this form on behalf of someone else then you will be asked to provide your own details along with the person’s details that you are submitting this form. Examples of when and might be the case will include (but are not limited to);

  • You are the person’s guardian/parent.

  • You are the person’s carer.

  • You are contacting the practice and have asked the receptionist to complete this for you.

Once you have completed your details and entered your phone number* you will then be asked whether you want to verify your identity by receiving an access code.

*= You must ensure that you enter a valid UK mobile number.

What happens if I select, ‘Yes, verify’?

If you click ‘Yes, verify’ and then ‘Continue’ you will be sent an SMS message with a verification code to enter on the next page (see below). This verification code is known as a two-step authentication process and it allows your GP to match your request to your health record much faster.

(Please note, this code isn't a confirmation of your request submission.)

What happens if I select, ‘No, skip this step'?

If you click ‘No, skip this step'’ then you will be able to continue to complete the form however, it may mean that there will be a slight delay in your request being completed. Your GP will have to manually locate your health record and match it with your request.

Confirming Your Request

Once you are satisfied with the information you have provided and you have provided your details (and completed the two-step verification process) then you will be able to:

  • Confirm you are sending this to the correct practice,

  • Confirm that all the information you have provided is relevant and accurate,

  • Confirm that you have entered your personal details correctly,

  • State the best method to contact you, ‘Text message’ or ‘Phone Call’,

When you are finished you will need to select the, ‘Submit Request’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Following that, you will be navigated to the next page confirming that your request form has been submitted.

If you ever have any technical issues completing the form then please contact our Support Team via the Help Center on our website.

Please note, that we are not medical professionals so you should refrain from contacting us with medical queries/issues.

Getting in touch with your practice via the NHS App

You can now get in touch with your practice to submit a medical query/admin request through the NHS App 🎉

This article runs through how you can do this: Patient Triage NHS App Patient Guide

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 👉

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