Patient Support: How to view past messages via NHS login

This article shows you how to view previous messages sent to you by your GP surgery or Hospital.

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The new patient portal means that you can view all previous messages sent to you by either your GP or Hospital. You can view attachments and messages sent to you in the past using NHS Login. Learn more about what NHS Login is in this article here.

The benefits of this for you mean you save time and reduce the need for you to contact your GP or Hospital for the same information.

How to access Historical Conversations via NHS Login.

  1. Access this link to log in to the portal via NHS Login πŸ‘‰

    You should see the following page πŸ‘‡

  2. Log in via NHS Login. You can only view historical messages sent to you by your GP or Hospital when logged in via NHS Login. To log in via NHS Login follow the steps below.

    1. Select the "Continue to NHS login" option.

    2. Enter your email and click, "Continue".

    3. Enter your password and click, "Continue".

  3. View historical messages. When you have successfully logged in using NHS Login you will see the message associated with the link you accessed at the beginning. Above the message you will see the option to select, "View all messages", click this.

Browsing historical conversations.

Once you've completed the steps outlined above, you will be directed to a page that lists all conversations you've had with your healthcare provider.

In the list, you will see previews of the message. You will see the following additional information in the message preview:

  • The name of the organisation you had correspondence with.

  • The date or time the last message was sent or received.

  • The initials of the last person to have engaged in the conversation.

    • This will either be the initials of the GP surgery or hospital staff member or, "You" which means that you were the last person to have engaged in this conversation thread.

Click on the message to view the entire thread.

Note: If the message you're viewing was sent more than 7 days ago then you WILL NOT be able to respond to this.

If the message you're viewing was sent less than 7 days ago and gives you the option to respond to a message sent to your GP or Hospital, please use this to respond to the message sent to you by your GP or Hospital.

DO NOT use this platform to communicate urgent or emergency medical issues. If you're experiencing a medical emergency then please contact "999".

Select the, "View all messages" option to navigate back to the previous page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be logged into NHS Login option?

After 15 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out of the patient portal.

Why do I have to log in using NHS Login option to view historical conversations?

Logging in via NHS Login is a much more secure way of verifying you as the right patient and showing you the messages applicable to you.

Can I view my medical record using this option?

No, you can only view messages sent between you and your GP/ Hospital.

What are the benefits of using this login option?

Accessing your historical conversations through NHS Login is much more secure and it means you can access important information about your health such as documents sent to you by your GP or Hospital. This reduces the need for you to contact your GP or Hospital to obtain the same information.

Where can I go for help accessing NHS Login?

If you're having the below issues then we recommend that you find help on the NHS Login Help Centre or contact their Support team.

  • Forgotten your password.

  • Forgotten your email.

  • Verifying your identity for NHS Login.

  • Changing your email, phone number or password registered with NHS Login.

Where can I go for help accessing the link and historical conversations?

If you're struggling with viewing historical conversations in the Patient Portal then please contact the Accurx User Support team by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. The icon is shown below.

Can I access this via a desktop computer, laptop or smart tablet?

Yes, you just need to click on this link πŸ‘‰ and log in with your details.

Is this secure?

Yes, logging in via NHS Login is a secure way of retrieving information about your health. You can find out more about NHS Login here and you can find more information about Accurx's own Data & Security here.

Are you getting rid of the option to log in using my date of birth?

No, you will still be able to respond to recent messages sent to you by your GP or Hospital and view single messages that haven't expired by logging in using your date of birth.

If you wish to view historical conversations then you will need to log in using NHS Login option.

Can I access historical conversations via NHS Login on behalf of someone else?

You must be aged 13 and over to be eligible for an NHS Login account. If you're a carer or guardian for someone above the age of 13 then we advise you to contact their registered GP surgery for help on how to access their NHS account.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. πŸ‘‰

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