When patients arrive on the 'Patient Triage' landing page, they are given the following options:

Patients are first reminded that online consultations are only for non-emergencies, and advised that the practice may take up to 2 working days to respond. Patients must declare that they have no ‘red flag’ medical symptoms before they can continue:

Next, patients complete a COVID screening:

For medical queries, patients are prompted to fill out the following information:

For administrative queries, patients are prompted for the following information:

Doctor's Letter:

Fit (sick) note:

Questions about a referral (update/status):

Repeat prescriptions:

Test results:

I need help with something else:

After filling in medical or administrative request questions, patients are asked to submit their contact details:

Patients are asked to share how they prefer to be contacted:

After their request has been submitted, they receive this confirmation message:

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