Patient Triage: How to use Proxy Flow

Submitting requests on behalf of a patient.

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Our new proxy flow feature offers the functionality for parents, guardians, carers, etc. to submit a request on behalf of a patient.

Proxy flow is available for both medical and administrative queries and requests. The process remains very much the same as submitting a patient triage request as a patient.

After completing the relevant information based on the nature of the request and getting to the step of entering personal information, the proxy will be presented with the below option. πŸ‘‡

When selecting, 'Someone Else', the proxy will be asked to enter information about themselves.

The reason this information is requested is so that the practice staff can better understand the relationship to the patient as well as have the relevant contact information if further correspondence is necessary.

The proxy will then be asked to enter the patient's details so that they can be matched correctly within the receiving medical system such as EMIS, SystmOne, or Vision.

Once the proxy has provided both their own details and the patient's they will then be guided to the next page to confirm all information is accurate.

Additionally, the proxy will be asked whether they or the patient would like to be contacted regarding the request and the best contact method for this (SMS, phone call, or video call).

There is also the option to receive a confirmation SMS once the request is submitted.

When the request has been submitted both the proxy and the patient will receive an SMS message to confirm (if the option to receive one was selected). The SMS will look like the below. πŸ‘‡

Viewing the request in the Accurx Desktop Toolbar

When a proxy request has been submitted via Patient Triage you will be able to view both the proxy and patient's details in the Accurx desktop toolbar inbox.

After matching the patient (if this isn't done already) you will be able to use all the same standard features as well as being able to respond to the proxy or patient.

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