How do I send a message to a patient which they can respond to?

  1. Select a patient in your medical record system

  2. Click the message icon in the Accurx Desktop toolbar

  3. You should see the patient's details have come through to Message Patient! Choose what to put in your message

  4. Tick the box at the bottom that says "Allow response". If you can't see this feature, please follow these instructions.

Note: currently, patients can respond with up to 5 images per text. The maximum photo size that a patient can submit is 7MB.

The patient will have 7 days to use the link in their text to respond to you.

What happens when the patient responds - do I get notified?

The user who sent the message to the patient will be notified of when a patient has responded.

You will get a notification that looks like this:

You can also view the response by clicking on opening the Inbox using the Inbox icon on the toolbar, and navigating to "My Inbox."

Can someone else review patient responses if needed?

Anyone at a practice can review patient responses by going to the "Patient responses" filter of the "All" folder in the Accurx Desktop inbox.

How do I save the text/photo to the record?

You can save the text and/or photo to the patient's record directly from the Accurx toolbar. πŸŽ‰

To save both the text and photo response, click "Save to record", as shown below.

A video demo here of how to use Patient Responses:

Examples of how people are using the feature:

  • Following up patients post-consultation e.g. to complete your referral, I need to check if you have any family history of joint disease?

  • Screening patients prior to a consultation e.g. you have been booked in to see me this morning, prior to the appointment, can you please let me know if you have travelled anywhere in the past 2 weeks?

  • To monitor patients e.g. could you let me know what your blood pressure is like today?

  • To confirm if a patient has done something e.g. We have changed your face-to-face appointment to a telephone appointment. Please respond to this message to confirm that you have read it.

  • To fill in or update patient details e.g. Could you please confirm you are still at 12 Brunswick Gardens and your email is still

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