Accurx Desktop: How to monitor the delivery status of a text message

How you can find out if a SMS has been delivered to a patient

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This article talks about a feature of our Accurx Desktop for EMIS Web and SystmOne

When you send a message, it will have a status of either 'sent', 'delivered' or 'failed', which we get back from the mobile network about that phone number. See here to find out what these states mean. πŸ˜€

Looking at delivery status of all text messages sent out by the practice

You can get an overview of all text message sent out by the practice and their delivery status. To see all delivery receipts for your practice (rather than just failed ones):

  1. Click on your initials in Accurx Desktop

  2. Click on Manage Organisation

  3. Go to All messages (Under Messaging)

  4. Click on the Sent tab

You'll see a table of all the delivery statuses for the messages in your practice, including details of the sender, NHS number, date sent, etc.

Looking at delivery status relating to a patient's messages

You can find the delivery status of a specific text message by following the steps here.

Failed text messages

You'll get notified when one of your text messages has failed to deliver to a patient. You will also be able to view all failed messages in the Accurx Desktop inbox and mark them as "Done" to remove them from the list. More on this here!

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