All users will receive a notification on their accuRx Chain toolbar when one of their own messages has failed. (more info on why text messages fail here).

If you receive a notification that one of your text messages has failed to deliver to a patient, you will be able to click "View message" and this will instantly bring you to the message in the Chain inbox that has failed. 👇

As you can see, all failed text messages (or failed delivery receipts) are grouped in the Chain inbox under the failed filter of the "All" folder.

If you would like to get an overview of all text messages (sent our by anyone at the practice) that have failed to deliver to a patient's phone at any time, you can by using this filter.

To get to this filter without a notification, click on the "Inbox" icon on your toolbar and then click "All" on the left hand side of the Inbox. You will then see a "Failed" filter which you can click to see all messages sent out by anyone at the practice that have failed to deliver to patients.

Pro-tip: since failed SMS messages for all users at the practice are grouped into the same place in the Inbox, we recommend that you mark any failed delivery receipts as "Done" by clicking one of the "Done" buttons once they have been actioned. This will make sure that everyone at the practice knows exactly what still needs to be handled.

How to change notification settings for failed messages

By default, an individual user will always be notified each time one of their messages fails to be delivered to a patient.

If a user or group of users (e.g. receptionists or admins) would like to receive notifications for all failed SMS messages in your practice, those individuals can click '"Notify" in the central pane of the Failed filter.

If receiving all notifications about failed text messages in your practices is no longer appropriate, you can click "Mute" on this filter to go back to just receiving notifications about your own text messages that fail.

Need more help understanding how inbox works? Check out our video guides! 📺

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