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Accurx Web: Managing users in Workspaces
Accurx Web: Managing users in Workspaces

How to manage users within a workspace

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Workspaces are a way for a group of users who regularly work together (eg within a department) to collaborate within one shared space 🏥

These can be created by anyone in your organisation with an Accurx account. Once created, colleagues in that organisation can either discover or be invited into the workspace.

Everything sent and received within a workspace can be viewed by all workspace members, allowing for better team-wide collaboration and visibility of patient communication 🤝

What does it mean to be the first member of a workspace?

As the first member of a workspace, you will be given admin privileges. This means you can archive users from the workspace or give them admin privileges as well.

Any member of the workspace can invite others, or accept or decline requests to join.

Can anyone create a workspace and be an admin?

Yes — if you think someone else should be an admin later, you can give them the role once they join the workspace.

How to manage users in a workspace

To invite, accept, archive and change the admin permissions of users in your workspace, you'll first need to access the user management page:

  1. Click on the "Workspace" option on the bottom left of your Accurx Web screen.

  2. Select the correct workspace.

  3. "Workspace settings" and then "Users".

In this section, you can:

  1. Approve pending requests to join your team’s workspace.

  2. Invite more colleagues to join your team’s workspace.

  3. View current approved members and admins in your team’s workspace.

How to archive a user in a Workspace

If a workspace is no longer applicable for a user (e.g. they no longer work in the team), the workspace admin can archive the user by clicking the dropdown by:

  1. Click where it says "Approved".

  2. Click "Archived".

(Note: To archive admins, you will first need to make them a member first).

How to make another user an admin in a Workspace

Workspace admins can make other users admins too by:

  1. Click the dropdown by "Member".

  2. Click "Admin".

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 👉

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