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Accurx Web: How to create or join a Workspace
Accurx Web: How to create or join a Workspace

How to join or create workspaces to collaborate within Accurx Web

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Workspaces are a way for a group of users who regularly work together (eg within a department) to collaborate within one shared space 🏥

These can be created by anyone in your organisation with an Accurx account. Once created, colleagues in that organisation can either discover or be invited into the workspace.

Everything sent and received within a workspace can be viewed by all workspace members, allowing for better team-wide visibility of patient communication 🤝

This article will walk you through how to:

  1. Log into Accurx Web to access workspaces.

  2. Join a workspace/How to invite a user to join your workspace.

  3. Create a workspace.

  4. Access your workspace.

1. Logging into Accurx Web to access Workspaces

First, you'll need to log into Accurx Web via and then sign in using your single sign-on, or email address and chosen password. You'll also need to verify yourself via the 2-factor authentication.

Access the "Join a workspace" function by selecting "Workspace" on the bottom left of your Accurx Web screen.

Choose the wider organisation which the workspace you're looking to join/create is a part of. You can choose between organisations you're currently a member of (e.g. East London NHS Foundation Trust) or join a new organisation and join/create a workspace there.

2. Joining an existing Workspace

There are two ways a user can become a member of a workspace:

  1. Request to join a workspace.

  2. Be invited by someone already at the workspace.

To request to join a workspace, run through the steps in Section 1 to find the available workspaces at the organisation, then select "Join" on an existing workspace.

You'll also see a list of example workspaces based on a comprehensive list of specialities to create your own workspaces.

Once requested, the workspace admin is sent an email notification. Anyone who is currently a member of a workspace can also accept (or decline) a join request.

If the request is accepted, the new member of the workspace will receive an email notification.

Alternatively, users at a workspace can invite another user to join their workspace.

To invite a user:

  1. Click the "Workspace" button on the bottom left of Accurx Web and select your intended workspace.

  2. Click "Workspace" again, then "Workspace settings" at the top.

  3. Click "Users".

  4. Click the "Invite colleagues" button.

  5. Enter your colleague's NHS email address to send the invite.

Note: Workspace invites can be sent both to people who have or haven’t signed up to Accurx already. The main requirement is that they have either an or email address.

3. Creating a new Workspace

To create a workspace, users can scroll through the workspaces list as described above and select "Create" on one of the example workspaces based on a comprehensive list of specialities.

To create a custom workspace:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the list.

  2. Select the "Create new workspace" option.

  3. Enter the Workspace name, speciality, and description (note: Workspace names will appear on patient messages in the signature).

Once created, colleagues in the organisation can be invited to join via their email address. See more details in Section 2 above.

(Note: The user who creates the workspace will automatically be made an admin for that workspace.)

4. Accessing your Workspace

To access your different workspaces, click on the "Workspace" switcher on the bottom left of your Accurx Web screen 👇

Any new workspaces will appear there. If you can’t see the workspace you have just created, please refresh the page.

If a workspace is no longer applicable to you, you can leave it via the "Users" settings using the "Leave workspace" option under the "Actions" dropdown.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page 👉

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