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Find out how you can use Patient Triage as a tool in your total triage workflow.

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Total Triage is on all of our minds right now! Here at Accurx, we're committed to providing our users with the best products, resources and support for their workflows. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks on using Accurx within your Total Triage model.

What is total triage?

Total triage is a General Practice workflow where every patient contacting a practice first provides some information on the reasons for contact and is triaged before making an appointment.

It is possible to do this entirely by telephone, but using an online consultation system like Accurx Patient Triage can transform the system.

Using Patient Triage, all of your patients' admin and medical requests can be assessed in the same way, from the same Accurx inbox, with a short summary of patients' ideas, concerns, and expectations to support your decision making. This is regardless of whether the request comes in online, over the telephone or face-to-face - all patient inbound can funnelled through the same system.

How can Accurx help?

Patient Triage is Accurx’s online consultation tool. You can see some more detailed information about Patient Triage in the resource centre here, including how to sign up for a free trial!

Receiving Patient Triage requests by sharing your form with patients is the first step to nailing total triage. We have a multitude of materials that you can use to advertise Patient Triage to your patients, including website banners, posters, and more!

Reception Flow

Getting requests over the phone doesn’t mean they have to be triaged separately! Using Reception Flow, you can create Patient Triage requests on behalf of your patients and work through these all from the 'To Assign' folder.

Reception Flow allows us to capture patients’ needs and expectations in a defined format, which in turn enables our clinicians to prioritise efficiently and to respond to patients more quickly.” – Dr Trevor de Sá, Practice Manager

Click through an interactive demo of Reception Flow below:

Why should we care?

Total triage has the potential to alleviate key pain points in managing Primary Care inbound by creating a quicker and simpler workflow for capturing and processing information from patients.

Patients know on the day how their request will be handled, understanding that the assessment will be based on clinical need and their communication preferences can be respected.

It’s an effective way for practices to better match their capacity with patient demand. Total triage can help to prioritise patients who need help most urgently, and also removes the stress and difficulty of managing multiple channels of patient inbound (whilst beating the 8am phone rush)! ☎️

Case studies 📖

Below are some case studies made in collaboration with GP practice of multiple sizes. Click below to see how they integrated total triage into their workflows using Accurx 👇

Other resources 🎤

Click below to hear Dr Adam Cliffe talking about total triage at his practice 👇

See ePGlearning's chat with Dr Nat Martin below👇

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 👉

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