When a patient submits a request, your team will receive the message in your shared inbox. To access your shared inbox and view PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact requests, please ensure that you’ve navigated to your team’s shared workspace by clicking on Organisation at the bottom of the left-hand panel within Accurx (instead of your Trust’s default workspace).

Once you’ve navigated to your team’s shared workspace, click on Conversations, and Shared Inbox.

You’ll see any patient-initiated requests appear in the shared inbox with a Patient follow-up tag on the right-hand side.

You’ll also receive a notification in the product of new patient requests that come into your shared inbox. You’ll see a red number pop up in the Notifications banner on the left-hand panel, indicating how many unread messages you have in your shared inbox.

The allocated team members will also receive email notifications for incoming patient requests (for more information about these notification emails see this support article). At least 2 team members should be allocated to receiving these notifications, and to accepting responsibility for checking in Accurx for patient requests. The allocated team members must ensure they review new patient initiated messages within the timeframe agreed with their patients (e.g. within 2 working days).

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