Why have I received this notification email?

Accurx Web supports Patient-Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) pathways and Patient-Initiated Contact by enabling healthcare professionals to send patients an SMS with a web link that they can then use to get in touch with their healthcare teams when they need to. You have received this message because a patient has messaged your organisation using a PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact web link.

Who has received this notification email?

All users within your Accurx Web organisation that have been assigned to receive PIFU messages will be notified of new patient messages.

What do I need to do?

Simply go to https://web.accurx.com/login to log in to Accurx Web or click on the link in the notification email. Once logged in you will see notifications for how many new messages you have and you will be able to review the messages in your organisation’s Shared Inbox. From there you will be able to triage the message and choose whether to message the patient, invite them to a video call, request their GP record or call them.

It’s important that all new patient messages are reviewed within the timeframe that your organisation has agreed with its patients (e.g. within 2 working days) to avoid delays in patient care.

Further information

More information about Accurx’s patient-initiated-follow-up solution can be found here https://www.accurx.com/patient-initiated-follow-up

More information about how to use Accurx Web can be found here https://support.accurx.com/en/collections/2206020-accurx-web-setting-up-and-using

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