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PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact: How to send a link to a patient
PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact: How to send a link to a patient

This article describes how you can share a PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact link with your patients

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For detailed instructions on logging into Accurx and searching for your patient, please visit this how to get started guide here. ⬅️ Ensure that you’ve navigated to your team’s workspace (e.g. Dermatology at Example NHS Trust).

Once you’ve searched for a patient, click on Message Patient.

The following compose message page will appear. Click on the Use message template button, and then select the PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact template that has been set up for your team, called [Team name] PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact.

This will pre-populate the message, including a link that is specific to your team. This will be the link that the patient can use to make contact with your service.

You can edit the message content, but please do not edit the link.

Don’t forget that you can attach a file if you wish to send additional information to your patient (e.g. information about their care, symptoms that they should watch out for, etc). Your patient will be able to download this file for 28 days after the message has been sent.

Click on Send. This will deliver the text message to your patient’s mobile phone. The sender is able to check on the delivery status of the message in the Delivery receipts section of the Account page of Accurx Web. The message will be shown as ‘Delivered’, ‘Sent’, or ‘Failed’.

Click on the button below to view a Demo of how to send a PIFU link to a patient and manage a PIFU request. ⬇️

How to set up PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact for your service

If you'd like access to PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact, you'll need to get in touch with the Accurx Support team who can create a unique link for your organisation. Please get in touch with us at or by clicking on the green bubble in the bottom right-hand corner.

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