Users are now able to stagger and schedule messages within Batch Messaging 🌟

What does this mean ❓

Stagger Sending - users now have the option to send batch messages over a staggered period of time.

Scheduled Messages - users can now schedule batch messages for future dates and times.

How do I do this ❓

Step 1:

You start with the usual steps taken to send a batch message:

  • Compose the message you'd like to send (adding any attachments you'd like at this point)

  • Upload a CSV file of the patients you'd like to message.

  • Select 'Continue'

(*NOTE: You cannot stagger or schedule Self-Book Batch Messages)

You'll then see this 'Schedule message' page πŸ‘‡

Step 2:

If you want to send the message now (without stagger) you can select review and then 'Send message'.

Alternatively, you can schedule the message for 'A later time' as shown below πŸ‘‡

Step 3:

Once you've decided on a time you'd like to send the Batch Message, you can choose to stagger the messages over a number of days (max 365). This has been designed to help manage large influxes of responses to Floreys in the practice inbox.

We will calculate for you how many patients a day (roughly) will be sent a message when you enter the number of days you would like the batch message to be staggered over (this number will change when you amend the number of days).

After making your choices here you can review your message and all of its details πŸ‘‡

Message Status table

🌟 We've also made some changes to our 'All Messages' table (shown below) 🌟

Like before, you are able to see the time, date and sender of the message. You are now however able to view the Batch status (see below for what each status means πŸ‘‡ ).

Users can also download a list of patients to whom the message failed to deliver, including a brief reason why (eg, no mobile number, already enrolled in Florey etc) by clicking on the hyperlinked number in the Failed to deliver column.

The table will now show the Batch Type - showing which Florey was sent or SMS to this list of patients.

In addition, users will be able to see all of the further details on this batch message by selecting the 'View details' option in the Action column. These further details are shown in the image below πŸ‘‡

Additional note: Messages that are staggered or scheduled will be saved to the patient's medical record when the Batch is 'Confirmed and Saved'. Not when the message is actually sent.

For example, if I scheduled a Batch Message to a list of patients for next week, we would save that to the record today and not next week.

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