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How to schedule FIT Sample Reminder text messages to a patient

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FIT Sample Reminder Pathway: How to schedule FIT Sample Reminder messages to a patient

Pathways allow you to schedule a series of messages for a patient.

🤔 What is the FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test) Sample Reminder Pathway?

The FIT Sample Reminder Pathway is a series of two messages that you can send to patients who have been provided with a FIT kit.

  • Message 1 asks the patient to complete the FIT and provides guidance on how to do it via a CRUK link

  • Message 2 is automatically sent 3 days later and reminds the patient to return the FIT

📹 For step-by-step instructions on how to set this up for a patient, watch the video or follow the steps below

Step-by-step guide on how to set this up for a patient

To send the FIT Sample Reminder pathway open a patient in EMIS/SystmOne and click the Accurx Desktop SMS icon like you would for a normal text message.

👉 Step 1: On EMIS or SystmOne, open the relevant patient you want to schedule the FIT reminder for. You will need to have the Accurx toolbar open too (the green toolbar in the screenshot).

👉 Step 2: With the relevant patient open on EMIS or SystmOne, click on the ‘Message’ icon on the Accurx toolbar. This is the button you use to send a normal text message or Florey questionnaire to a patient. This will open the Compose screen.

👉 Step 3: From the Compose screen, click on ‘Search for a template or questionnaire’ and type in the word “FIT”. You can also browse other templates, Florey questionnaires and Pathways (scheduled messages) here if you want to. Select the template titled “FIT Sample Reminder (in partnership with NHSEI)”.

👉 Step 4: This will open the FIT Sample Reminder pathway template. You can see both messages in the series and edit them if you like.

📅 You can also change the date and/or time that the messages will be sent by clicking on the date and time button in blue text.

👉 Step 5: When you’re happy with the two messages, click “Send and schedule all” to send the first message to the patient and schedule the second message to send automatically. Note that the second message will still be sent to patients on Day 3 even if they've returned their test.

📖 What is the content of the messages?

Below are screenshots showing the content of the messages. Remember that you can edit this if you like ✏️

ℹ️ Some additional info

  • For messages scheduled in the future, we run a check to make sure the patient is still registered at the practice and their details have not changed. If a patient has died or moved, we'll automatically cancel any future messages to that patient.

  • If a message is scheduled to a patient in the future and they change their mobile number before the message is sent, the message will be delivered to their new mobile number.

  • You can cancel scheduled messages by going to your toolbar menu, clicking 'Manage Organisation', and then 'Delayed Messages'. Just click "cancel" next to the message you wish to cancel.

  • Currently, you can't make your own custom pathway templates.

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