What are Scheduled appointments from accuRx Web?

Scheduled appointments allow accuRx Web users to upload a list of patients with appointment dates and times and invite patients to a Video Consult in advance. Patients receive an automatic reminder 18 hours before their appointments with a link to join their video consultation.

How do I add patient lists with dates and times included?

An accuRx Web user can upload a list of patients with their appointment dates and times using the patient list feature. Read more about patient lists here.

Step 1:

Create a CSV file containing the list of patients you want to invite.

Your upload needs to contain the following columns:

  • NHS Number

  • Date of birth

  • Appointment date and time (same column)

Your CSV can contain different dates and times. We will search through the CSV and return these under different clinic days with the time attached. See an example of a CSV file here.

(Tip: In some Patient Administration Systems (PAS) you may be able to generate this file automatically).

Step 2

Login into accuRx Web and select ‘Create new list’

If you’re new to patient lists, see here for more information

Step 3:

Upload the list of patients, the appointment dates and times for your patients will be displayed.

  1. Click on ‘Start Adding Patients’

  2. Click on the Upload CSV file button

  3. Find the CSV from where you have it saved & click open - this will upload the list of patients

Step 4

Resolve any errors in the CSV you may need to go back and upload the list again. For patient lists that includes appointment dates/times.

Step 5

Invite patients to a video consultation quickly using the quick contact option.

Tip: Remember you can customise your video consult invites by creating your own templates. See here for you to create your own SMS or video consult templates.

Once the SMS invite has been sent, a green tag stating 'video consult appointment sent' will appear underneath the patient's name on the Clinic day.

Step 6

Patients will receive an appointment reminder with a link to join the video consult 18 hours before their appointment.

Managing your patient lists with dates & times:

Where can I see the list of patients for different clinic days?

You can view this by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the Clinic day and clicking on the date you want to look at 😄

Can I sort my list?

Yes! You can sort your lists by appointment times or by name by clicking on the drop-down arrow under ‘Sorted By’

How do I remove a patient from the list?

To remove a patient from the list, click on the 3 dots (...) in a patient entry and click on ‘remove from list’. If the patient entry is for a time slot that is today or in the future, they will receive a cancellation message for any sent Video Consult invitations once they are removed.

How do I delete a day list?

To delete a day from the list, click on the 3 dots next to the sorting filter and click on ‘Remove Day’ This will remove the full list of patients on a given day.

To delete a patient list (all days) see here

How do I change a patient’s appointment date or time from the list?

The CSV upload is the source of truth for a patient’s appointment date and time.

To change the displayed date or time:

  1. Edit the patient’s appointment date/time on the CSV you uploaded

  2. Add patients by reuploading the CSV

  3. The updated date/time will now be shown for the patient.

Can this list be shared?

Yes, we know that you may want to share your list with other colleagues in your organisation (e.g. an administrator creating a list for clinicians or for a joint clinic).

To share your list:

  1. Click on ‘More’ next to the List title

  2. Select share List

  3. Add the email address of the person you want to share the list with

  4. Click share

Can I share my list with people outside of my organisation?

At the moment, you can only share lists with other people in your organisation. It is not currently possible to share lists with colleagues from other organisations.

We know that some of our users work across different healthcare organisations. See here for how to join an organisation in accuRx Web.

Can I invite all the patients on my list in one go?

It is not currently possible to batch message groups of patients from accuRx Web. To see what we’re working on, keep an eye on our public road map here and upvote features you would like to see!

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