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Patient Triage: How to manage your inbound
Patient Triage: How to manage your inbound
We have a number of features designed to help you manage your incoming requests.
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We have recently changed how managing inbound works in Patient Triage! See below for how to manage these settings! βš™οΈ

Out-of-hours changes

There has been a change to the Out of Hours functionality you may be used to.

You are now able to individually set your working hours for each day of the week and Bank Holidays. You can specify the from and to times in 30-minute slots (e.g. 08:30 to 18:00).

You can decide whether your Patient Triage form is open or closed for each day separately.

Capping requests

You can now set a daily limit for how many Patient Triage requests you can receive on a given day! πŸŽ‰

  1. Click on your initials on the toolbar, then Patient Triage.

  2. Click on the 'Settings' tab.

  3. Scroll down to 'Opening times & daily limits', and click the 'Edit' button.

  4. You can now set your opening hours and daily limits for each day. In order to set a limit, you will need to switch on the 'Limit' toggle.

  5. In order to block patients from submitting requests whilst you are Out of Hours, you will need to ensure the 'Suspend patient requests while out of hours' toggle is switched on.

    If you would like patients to still be able to submit admin requests out of hours, you can then tick the 'Suspend medical request access only' box.

  6. If you would only like medical requests to be included in your daily limit, you'll need to tick the 'Exclude admin requests from the limit' box.

  7. Make sure to click the 'Save changes' button when you're done!


  1. The limit does not include reception flow requests.

  2. The limit does not apply to out-of-hours - it only applies to working hours.

  3. This limit can include both medical and admin requests, or just medical (allowing patients to submit admin requests beyond the limit).

  4. If you are closed on a given day, the limit will read N/A. If you are open, there can either be no limit, or it can be a discrete number you have chosen (between β‰₯1 and ≀9999).

  5. Once the limit has been hit, no new patients will be able to access the form, and they will see a customisable message on the landing page of the form.

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