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Patient Triage: How to use Temporary Suspend for Patient Triage
Patient Triage: How to use Temporary Suspend for Patient Triage

How to disable Patient Triage temporarily to help with demand

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If you don't currently have access to Patient Triage, click here to find out more and sign up for a free trial! πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈπŸš‘

The Temporary Suspend feature can help practices with demand and reduce the risk of your practice becoming overwhelmed. Choose the date and time you want your Patient Triage to be enabled again (this can be suspended for up to 4 days).

Only Accurx accounts with 'admin' status can customise Patient Triage settings.

How to Temporarily Suspend Patient Triage

Things to consider before temporarily disabling Patient Triage:

  • Seek advice on your workflows: Either from other practices through our online community or chat with the Accurx team at

  • The messaging to patients: Consider putting a page on your website to educate patients on the appropriate use of online access, and to help manage their expectations.

  • Out of hours: Switching on 'Out of hours' will help manage patient demand on evenings and weekends without fully restricting access. You can see more details on this here.

How to enable Temporary Suspend:

  1. Click on your initials on the Accurx toolbar > Patient Triage > Settings.

  2. Scroll down to "Suspend Patient Triage"

  3. Toggle "Suspend Patient Triage access" to on.

  4. Set a resumption date & time (no longer than 4 days from when you switch it on), along with a reason for disabling.

  5. Click "Save changes".

How to suspend medical requests only

You also have the option to disable Patient Triage and still allow for admin requests to be submitted. This is done by ticking the "Suspend medical request access only" box πŸ‘‡ This article explains this in more detail: Temporary Suspend but allow admin requests.

What your patients will see:

  • Patients will be informed that Patient Triage is temporarily unavailable, and shown when the link will be re-enabled.

  • Patients will be prompted to use NHS 111 online or to find a local pharmacy or urgent treatment centre.

  • You're able to amend the wording of this message, this article explains how you can do this.

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