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What do the limit notifications mean in Accurx Desktop?
What do the limit notifications mean in Accurx Desktop?

This article explains what the limit notifications mean for you in Accurx Desktop.

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Accurx Paid features are a set of premium modules including some features that are currently free but became payable in 2021, and some brand new features too. To read about why we launched Accurx Plus, check out our blog post. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Features that stopped being free from 1st April 2021:

  • Request a text/photo response and Attach a document - Limited to 20 per practice per week

  • SMS a patient - Limited to 300 texts per user per day. (Users can send Accurx Lite Floreys as long as it's within the limit of 300)

  • Video

New products available for purchase:

*Not available in Jersey and Northern Ireland

Accurx Lite vs Accurx Plus

Accurx Paid features in your local area

Weโ€™ve been engaging with ICSs across the country about Accurx Paid features but in some areas, SMS Plus is not going to be procured. This means that the Request a Response and Attach a Document features will be restricted to 20 uses per practice per week, unless purchased locally by PCNs or practices.

If you are seeing an orange message in your Accurx toolbar (like in the image below), this is because your ICS is not purchasing the SMS Plus module:

If you are not seeing these warning messages, this is because your ICS is considering purchasing these SMS features, though this isnโ€™t necessarily guaranteed.

What can you do to continue using these SMS features from the 1st of April 2021?

It is now possible to purchase Accurx Plus modules as a PCN (Cluster or Federation in Wales and NI) or as an individual practice. You can find more pricing information here. ๐ŸŽ‰

If you would like to generate a quote or purchase Accurx Plus click here to complete a request for an Accurx Paid features contract or write to with any queries.

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