Accurx Plus: Costs FAQs

This article covers pricing for Practices, PCNs and Federations.

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Accurx Plus is a premium tier of Accurx, which contains some new and exciting products, as well as some pre-existing functionality including SMS Plus, Florey Plus, Patient Triage, Video, Batch Messaging and Appointment Reminders. These features aim to deliver 10 times their cost value – saving valuable time and money for Practices.

Pricing for Accurx Plus

To access Accurx Plus modules, you must pay the annual licence fees. The price of Accurx Plus licence fees depends on two key factors:

  • Patient list size:

    • Low band: fewer than 15,000 patients

    • Middle band: more than 15,000 patients but fewer than 90,000 patients

    • High band: more than 90,000, contact directly.

  • The modules bought - it is possible to purchase modules individually, but modules are cheaper if purchased in bundles.

*excludes VAT and SMS costs

Please note:

  • The Annual Licence Fee does not include VAT and SMS Costs.

  • Modules within bundles can be purchased separately but work out cheaper when bundled.

  • If your ICS has already procured one or more Accurx plus modules, you can purchase the remaining modules at practice/PCN/Federation level, at the unbundled price.

  • Batch Messaging & Appointment Reminders are not available in Jersey therefore the cost for The SMS Bundle will be discounted appropriately as shown here.

  • The Booking Module is available to purchase from January 2024

Worked Examples

Practice A has a patient list size of 10,000 and wants to purchase Batch Messaging and Florey Plus, their ICS has already procured SMS Plus.

Total Annual Licence Fee = 10,000 x (0.16 + 0.16)= £3,200.

PCN A wants to procure SMS Plus, Batch Messaging and Florey Plus (the Messaging Bundle) for the five practices within the PCN. The combined total patient list size for all five practices is 20,000.

Total Annual Licence Fee = 20,000 x £0.32 = £6,400

How to upgrade to Accurx Plus

If you would like to purchase Accurx Plus click here to complete a request for an Accurx Plus contract or write to with any queries.

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