AccuBook: How to log in and add new users

How to log in to accuBook, and what to do if you're a new user

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I've got an Accurx account already

Great! You can log in at to access accuBook πŸ‘

If you have the Accurx Desktop toolbar, you can also get there by clicking your initials, and then 'Manage Organisation'.

Can't see the organisation you need? Ask the Accurx admin at that practice to add you by following the steps below in 'I'm an admin - How can I add a new user'. πŸ‘‡

I'm new to Accurx

If you're new to Accurx, you'll need to create an account.

Once you've verified your email the Accurx admin at the practice can add you to your organisation. They can do this by following the steps below in 'I'm an admin - How can I add a new user'.

Not sure who the admin at your practice is? Please chat to us in the bottom right hand corner with the ODS code the organisation you'd like to join 😊

I'm an admin - How can I add a new user?

2. Scroll to 'Your Organisation' and then the subsection 'Manage Users':

3. Enter the new user's email address and click add:

Note: if this user has not yet created an Accurx account, they will be sent a verification email, once they have clicked on 'verify email', they'll need to create a new password at

Note: this is only available for accuBook users

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