This article talks about accuRx Desktop toolbar. If you use accuRx Web there aren't any admins or approval process.

Why am I unapproved and who is Admin?

When a new user signs up to accuRx Desktop at a practice, their accuRx account is initially 'unapproved'. (You will still be able to send texts and do video consultations as an unapproved member 😊)

There are two ways to become approved:

1) Send 3 SMS messages to real patients. We automatically approve accounts that have sent 3 'validated' messages to real patients - we match these against the central NHS Patient Demographic Service to verify your account.

2) Ask your Admin to approve you. Normally, the first user to sign up at the practice is the Admin, though recently we have changed this to be the first user to send 3 validated messages.

Users that are already approved members of the practice will be able to find out who the Admin is by going to their Initials icon > Manage Practice > Practice users

Admins can approve unapproved members at the practice by also visiting the 'Practice Users' page.  The steps are outlined below 👇

How to approve new users in your practice for Admins

When a new user in the practice signs up to accuRx, the Admin will receive a red notification on their toolbar. If the admin is not a Desktop user, they can visit to see their practice users.

When the Admin clicks on their initials, they will see a full menu of items. Find the one with the red notification next to "Practice Users" and click on it.

On the 'Practice Users' page, under Unapproved Users, click the button with the three dots to the right of the user and click approve.

What is the difference between being an 'Admin' and a 'Member'?

Admin have the ability to approve new users, make other users an 'Admin' and archive old users that may have left. This is all done via the 'Practice Users' page.

If you are not an Admin you will be a Member. You will still be able to use accuRx Desktop as an 'Admin' would, but you will not be able to approve users, archive users or make other  users Admin. If you wish to be an 'Admin' you can ask another 'Admin' in your practice to make you one.

Someone isn't appearing in my list to approve

If you're from an EMIS or S1 and you've got a new user who hasn't come through to you to approve, you'll need to check first that they've logged in and connected to EMIS/S1. See here for more info.

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