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Accurx Desktop Inbox: How to manage who is in what team
Accurx Desktop Inbox: How to manage who is in what team
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There are several teams in the Accurx Desktop Inbox.

You can view and manage who is in these teams via your Manage Organisation page.

From your Accurx Desktop toolbar, click on your initials, and select "Manage Organisation."

This will launch a website for your organisation. From the Organisation section, select "Team Notifications."

Along the top row are all the teams at your organisation.

Along the left-hand column are all the users at your organisation.

If the green tick box is ticked for a user that means they are in that team.

Note: only Accurx admin users are able to edit who gets notified for a team. Other members at your organisation will be able to view the table but NOT remove anyone from a team.

However, a member can still change their own notification settings for a specific team in the Accurx Desktop Inbox using the notification toggle. You can read more here.

Who are in the other teams?

There are 6 pre-created teams in the Accurx inbox: Doctors, Nurses, Admin, Reception, Secretaries, and Prescribing. These six teams are automatically populated based on the users’ EMIS/SystmOne role. Users can also turn notifications on/off for any team; the team name will be highlighted and appear at the top of the Teams list if the notifications are on.

Note: Most teams have specific types of responses from patients that will appear under them by default (e.g. Asthma, Alcohol, COPD, COVID-19 monitoring). For the Doctors, Nurses, Admin, Reception, Secretaries and Prescribing teams, no patient responses will appear in these teams automatically. The only messages that will appear under these teams will have been assigned manually by users at the organisation.

Can my organisation create its own teams or rename some of the existing teams?

You can't create your own teams just yet, but we can do this for you!

Get in touch with our Support team by clicking on the message icon in the bottom-right of your screen 💬

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