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Patient Triage: Video guides
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🌟 If you don't currently have access to Patient Triage, click here to find out more and sign up for a free trial! πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈπŸš‘

Patient triage is our new online consultation solution. We've made some video guides to help you and your practice team understand how it works:

How patient identification works

How to view and action your Patient Triage requests

(Note: if you can't find the "To Assign" folder, you likely need to upgrade your toolbar)


Can unregistered patients submit requests?

We have chosen to make Patient Triage very easy to use for patients to use, with no account or app needed. This means that patients registered at a different practice could submit a request to your practice. This happens about 1% of the time. Patients must submit a valid phone number with their request. If we have found the patient on the PDS (Spine), we will also display their registered practice with their submitted request. We suggest you call the patient to let them know they aren't registered at your practice; if you are concerned, you could also let their practice know they have contacted you.

Can we create our own teams or rename teams?

This isn't something you can do with Accurx right now but we may look at this in future. We are really interested in knowing what teams you'd like to create, who you would add to those teams and what types of requests you would want to put it those teams.

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