Patient safety is our top priority. Before launching Patient Triage, we ask that you read our template DPIA to highlight any risks you practice needs to be aware of. (As the data controller, when using Accurx, it is your responsibility to complete a DPIA, but we have completed some of this for you).

Here are some key things to be aware of when using Patient Triage. Please ensure that you have put in place a practice protocol for how to approach these considerations prior to launching Patient Triage on your website.

Patients might submit urgent medical issues, or inappropriate photos.

Despite being warned against this, we cannot guarantee this will not happen. The practice should have an agreed process for dealing with these.

Patients can submit requests through the form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This is so that patients can use Patient Triage when it's most convenient for them. A customisable feature allows practices to display 'out of hours' messaging during evenings, weekends, and Bank holidays. This reminds patients that there may be a delay in responding to them, and directs them towards local out of hours services.

Anyone can submit a request

As above - because we have made Patient Triage easy for patients to access (no need for an app or an account), anyone can submit a request. If a patient has not passed verification of their identity, this will be displayed as 'Patient not found', and the onus is on the practice to confirm the patient’s identity. Be aware of the possibility of a fake request. For more info on how we verify patient identity, please click here.

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