Accurx Patient Triage frees up your phone lines and saves you time with simple online access for your patients, using a solution that is fully integrated with your clinical system πŸ’»

You can see our demo flow of Patient Triage here!

What do patients submit?

When patients arrive on your Patient Triage landing page, they are given the following options πŸ‘‡

Patients are first reminded that online consultations are only for non-emergencies, and advised that the organisation may take up to 2 working days to respond. This can be amended (see our article on how to customise the wording on the form here.)

Patients must declare that they have no β€˜red flag’ medical symptoms before they can continue πŸ‘‡

Medical queries

  1. For medical queries, patients are prompted to fill out the following information in relation to their medical query:

Admin queries

  1. For admin queries, patients are asked to select a type πŸ‘‡

  2. Patients are then asked a different set of questions depending on which admin query is selected...

Doctor's Letter:

Fit (sick) note:

Questions about a referral (update/status):

Repeat prescriptions:

Test results:

I need help with something else:

(All text boxes for both Medical and Admin queries have a character limit of 300, including spaces. They can upload a maximum of 5 images where prompted.)

Patient details

After filling in medical or admin request questions, patients are asked to submit their contact details πŸ‘‡

(Note: patients can also submit a request on behalf of someone else. See how this works here.)

Patients are asked to share how they'd prefer to be contacted ☎️

They're also asked if they'd like to receive a confirmation text for the request:

After their request has been submitted, they receive a confirmation message:

(This message and the SMS message patients receive can be customised. Find out how to do this here.)

If the patient has opted to receive a confirmation text, they will receive one:

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