Is my personal or the practice email address used?

All outgoing emails are sent and received securely via This is a secure accuRx NHSMail account and the recipient will see they have received an email from this account. If the recipient responds, the response will come back to your practice via the accuMail inbox.

Can I use my personal email to send emails via accuRx? 

No, all outgoing emails have a unique reference which is attached to the outgoing email, this allows us to track and match replies so the email is displayed back to the correct user via the toolbar.

Can I edit the subject field?

Users can edit the subject field, as long as the patient’s NHS number and the unique accuRx reference ID are still kept in the body of the email. This is because the patient’s NHS number and unique accuRx reference ID are what allows replies to be matched back to the correct practice and patient record.

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