accuMail emails are sent securely using NHSmail.

What email address is used?

All outgoing emails are sent and received securely via an email address unique to your practice which set by Accurx in conjunction with NHSmail. The email addresses take the format of e.g. if your practice has the ODS code of A12345 the recipient of your accuMails will see as the sender. If the recipient responds, the response will come back to your practice via the accuMail inbox.

Can our accuMail email address be changed?

accuMail email addresses cannot be changed. Each practice is given a unique email address which helps our system identify the practice and ensure accuMails are delivered correctly.

Can I use my personal email to send emails via Accurx?

No, all outgoing accuMails are sent from your practice's unique accuMail email address.

Can I edit the subject field?

No, you can't edit the subject field. The information included will contain the patient’s NHS number and the unique reference mentioned above. This information allows our system to match incoming messages to the correct patient.

How are accuMails matched to the correct patient?

All accuMails are sent with a unique reference. This unique reference allows our system to identify which emails are replies to previous emails so that accuMails are matched back to the correct patient.

Occasionally, accuMails are not matched to patient at all - read more about that here.

Can I contact the personalised practice Accurx email directly?

Users can locate and contact any email address with an Accurx domain. However, the email address used via Accurx domain may not be the correct address to contact the practice and this has caused emails sent about a patient to an unmonitored inbox. When an email is sent to an unmonitored inbox, Users will receive an auto-reply advising that the email has not been successfully sent to the practice:

Our recommendation is to contact the healthcare professional or practice via Message GP practice in Web to ensure that your email is being sent to the correct location. You can learn about how to do this in this article 👉 What is Message GP practice in Web.

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